With the mama’s permission…..

Here he is! Jarrett. Looking good, feeling better… well, except for that one little place that got snipped a little while before we got there. Ouch.

This man already knows me- I’m trying to take his picture and so I’ll look at him and say “open your eyes, Jarrett!” and he’d look right at me. Then, I would lift up my camera and the sneaky little booger would close them. I think this time he was peeking to see if I was still looking. Gotcha.

Me and Jarrett. Seriously, I dig this kid so much. I’m already pumped about playing in the yard with him, maybe chasing him around the house, or just letting him sit on a sheet and dragging him around like a magic carpet. Don’t worry- I’ll wait a few years to do that.

Aunt Molly. She’s good with babies. She may even be having one. Very soon.

(Okay, not really, but I felt it my duty to start a small rumor. It only takes a spark, people.)

Chad and Misti Ellis. High quality members of our cell group. I seriously love both of them a lot- good friends to have. They will have beautiful babies- with dimples.

The real champ, Mama Haley. She was amazing, and continues to be. I love her.

This may be my favorite one. The nurse was about to wash his hair. I think when she offered it, he said, “What? Me? You’re gonna wash MY hair? Are you sure about that?” Tell me that’s not what his face is saying!!

How cute is this man!?!?

And don’t worry- Jarrett does have a daddy, he was just not around at the exact photo moments. We (me, Molly, Jarrett, Haley, and Daddy Jeff) all watched American Idol together- Jarrett thinks he’s already spotted a winner. Well, he’s picked out 2 great parents, so I guess I can trust him.

I guarantee tomorrow I’ll blog on things promised, but Jarrett is so WAY cuter than anything else I have to say.

By the way, Happy birthday, Shannon! You are a treasured friend.

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