You’re going to have to excuse me.

While I’m in a fight with this last chapter.

I just can’t write it.

But I have to write it.

So we’re in a fight.

My stomach, while not completely healed, is on the mend- just in time for Chp. 7 to pick a fight with me.

[I talked to my doctor yesterday and we’re going to fix the ole tummy right up.  Thanks for all your sweet and super educated comments.  Who needs webmd when you have bloggites?]

I’ve finished Chps. 0-6 and Chps. 8-12, but ole Chp. 7 is being a real stinker.

Which is funny because 7 is my favorite number.

So pray, will ya?

On a side note, I made cheese grits for breakfast and one of the grits jumped out of the boiling pot directly into my eye.

And there is a glimpse into the life of Annie.  You’re welcome.

Back to my word document.  Watch your back, Chp. 7.  I’m coming after you.

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