I don’t know how to write this post.

Mainly because I don’t want to write it. And I really want to write it.

I love blogging. I love this community of friends we have here. I love your comments. I love your emails. I love your blogs. I just love it all. And when I say “love”, I mean LUH-HUV. Cause I do.

But I need a break.

I know. “Jump on the blog-break-bandwagon, Annie. You follower.”

And maybe that is true. The Gilmore Girls taught me, “Where you lead, I will follow, any-any-where, that you tell me to….

But here is what else is true. I’m a sinner and I need to deal with my sin. I’m hurting and I need to deal with my hurt. I’m scared and I need to deal with my fears. I’m a Christian and I need to deal with my God.

Not my blog.

My life is very loud and I need quiet. Real bad. Real real bad.

Especially with an exciting trip to Capetown, South Africa on the horizon, I need my soul to be calm. Right now it feels like a bunch of puzzle pieces, broken apart and shaken up in a mason jar.

That can’t be good.

So. I’ll be back. Before Africa for sure. But I don’t know when. [But trust me, if anything happens with the book, or if I get engaged to someone I have yet to meet, I’ll let you know. Those would be SO worth a blog-break-break. And are currently worth your prayers, I hope.]

If you don’t ever come back here because I’ve left for too long, then before you leave, I’ll take this chance to say thanks. I’m a better writer, and a better Annie, because you show up here day after day.

See y’all soon.