I have this bad habit [you can ask Nester or Emily] of deciding that when I want to see my friends, I just invite myself over.

So I have a crazy idea. Today, I’m going to invite myself over to your house. Because I want us to be friends and hang out and stuff.

Here’s what.

I wanna come to your house [or your local coffee shop or whatevs], meet your friends, hang out, talk about stuff, and laugh about everything.

See that blue circle? If you live in that blue circle, I am officially inviting myself over.

. . . . .

Here’s what you DON’T have to do:

– you don’t have to pay a speaker’s fee or anything [just pay for my gas from/back to Nashville]

– you don’t have to give me a place to stay [if you are in the circle, I’ll just drive home that night!]

– you don’t have to be a teenager [I want to meet you and your friends- so I don’t care what age y’all are!]

. . . . .

Here’s what you DO have to do:

– Have at least 15 gals there [you can have as many as you want, but 15 is the minimum]. Maybe you lead a small group of girls at your church? Or you have a book club? Or you work with a college ministry? Or you just have a group of girls who grab dinner together once a month? Invite those girls!

– Provide dinner for us [or lunch/brunch or whatever]

– Allow me to bring a friend and set up a table to sell books to folks who don’t already have them

– Let me know what you want us to chat about – teen stuff, college stuff, single stuff, writing stuff…. whatever!

– Find a day in April, May, or June when we can hang

. . . . .

I just think it would be a super fun way to spend a few nights this spring… hanging out with you guys, talking about life. I have a few fun ideas in my head- maybe we make a recipe together or talk about our favorite books or sit outside on your back patio and talk about God?

I dunno. We’ll figure out the details when we schedule. It just sounds like tons of fun. So get your friends together and plan a fun Saturday brunch or dinner party during the week and I’ll be there!

. . . . .

But Annie, I live outside of the blue circle! Uncool.

a. How far outside of the circle? We could work something out. The cost will just be a bit different and you may have to let me and my travel buddy snoozle at your place.

b. You can always plan a retreat and bring me in — here are those details.

c. Atlanta peeps, don’t panic. I know you aren’t “in” the circle, but since my parents live down there, you can pretend you are in the circle.

. . . . .

So if you live in the blue circle and think this would be a good time, just email me (annieblogs [at] gmail [dot] com) and tell me:

  • your name
  • where you live
  • 3-4 date options in April, May, or June for when you’d like to come come hang
  • who will be coming [youth girls, your book club, a bunch of single friends, etc.]

. . . . .

Sorry if you are offended over the whole “Annie invited herself to my house” thing. It’s very un-Southern ladylike of me.

Another [more polite] way to say it…. Let’s be real life friends. Cool?