TOP 5 FRIDAY: Easter gifts for teen girls!

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Last week, I got to spend the night at my parents’ house on the way to a retreat in Georgia. As I packed my car up and headed out, a wrapped bag awaited me on the table by the front door.

My Easter gift.

I love that my mom still gets us little treats on Easter. No, it wasn’t a basket full of Cadbury creme eggs, though if I was on death row, I’d be pounding those things.

This year, I got a new book and a worship CD. Less than $20 and I am STOKED about both.

Looking to ship a little gifty-poo to your college gal or want to give the bunny some tips for the Easter basket for Sunday morning?

Here are FIVE EASTER GIFT IDEAS for the teen-ish girl in your life!


[To be cost effective, I just did two products in each basket, but obviously feel free to mix and match. I’m not the boss of you or your Eater baskets.] [And if you go ahead and order today, I think everything should be to you easily before next weekend!]

Basket #1 : for your growing girl

Basket #2 : for your sweet encourager

Basket #3 : for your college gal

Basket #4 : for your fashionista

Basket #5 : for your girl of grace

And of course, toss in some candy, such as, might I recommend, a Cadbury Creme egg or six. Hope this little list helps you get all your eggs in order before next Sunday!

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Have recommendations for teen girl Easter gifts? Share!!


  1. posted on Mar 28, 2013 at 3:38 PM  |  reply

    So I’m in my 40’s — is it totally weird that I want some of these?

    • posted on Mar 28, 2013 at 5:03 PM  |  reply

      NOPE! I want that scarf real bad. 🙂

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