Well here’s a thing that’s never happened before.

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I haven’t blogged in a month.

I’m so sorry, y’all.

If you were around these parts for the writing phase of Let’s All Be Brave in 2013, you probably haven’t been all that surprised. When I’m writing, I’m quieter here. I don’t mean to be, I just run out of words by the end of the work day.

(By the way, the Let’s All Be Brave ebook is only $2.99! So if you haven’t gotten it yet, this is your time, people.)

So yes. I’m writing. Yes, a book.

I will tell you more about what I’m working on suuuuuuper soon. I promise! As soon as I’m allowed to spill the beans, SPILL THE BEANS I SHALL.

Also. Here’s another real truth. There’s a lot going on in our world that I just don’t know how to put words around. And as I watch people on the internet say a lot of things very quickly, I find myself saying very little because it only takes one little viral incident (or when you have a blog post that will not quit being shared) to teach a blogger to keep her mouth shut unless she is SURE she wants a million people to read her thoughts. :) And in some of what’s going on right now, I just need to think and process and pray a little more before I speak.

It’s this new thing I’m trying. Thinking before I speak. I’ll let you know how it goes. :)

Here’s what I will tell you. My pastor Pete Wilson used a verse last week that I can’t get out of my head.

Galatians 5:6

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

So I’m trying to filter all the things through

1) What do I believe about God?

2) How do I express that faith through love?

3) What does that actually look like in my life?

I hope that verse will mean something to you today. It’s been messing with me the last two and half weeks, in the right kind of ways. And when I think about writing and blogging and what’s going on with our world and what I want to say, I just keep thinking about what it looks like for love to be expressed because of my faith.

Paul says it’s the only thing that counts. I think he may be right.

. . . . .

I mean. Have you ever read a more jumbled what in the world blog post in your life?!? I know. I’m so sorry. But I wanted to say hi and let you know all is well I am alive I’m just a little quiet and writing and thinking and learning and summer.

Hope you are well too.

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2 Videos I Cannot Quit.

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Hi friends!

There’s a lot of transition and new things brewing over here at Downs Books, but I promise we’ll be back to regularly blogging (and another episode of the That Sounds Fun podcast!) very soon!

Until then, I have found two of my very favorite videos the internet has ever offered, so I thought I’d put them together here for you.

For starters, Justin Bieber. This thing is pure adorable and surprisingly thoughtful towards the end. Sure, he is rich enough to throw away underwear after one use, but he can also do a Rubik’s Cube in like 2 minutes. So I’m a Belieber again.

. . . . .

The second one you may not enjoy as much, but it is Mumford & Sons on one of the best soccer shows out there- Men In Blazers. So it’s pretty much a mashup of all of my favorite things (except glitter) and it made my Friday very happy (on an otherwise so sad day because my assistant is leaving me today for a real full time job and I’m all WHAAAAAAAAAAAAH about it).

. . . . .

Happy holiday weekend! Hugs to y’all from Nashville.

. . . . .

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Why I’m glad your daughter is in our b.fab class.

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Every week, I go to an amazingly fun workout class called b.fab.fitness.

The local community center’s gymnasium fills up with women of all kinds and for an hour, we dance and shake and squat and have really the best time exercising that you could ever imagine.

Like, I love it. There’s not a lot of exercise that I LOVE. There’s some that I like, and a few I tolerate, a few I avoid (I’m looking at you, spin class), but b.fab? I LOVE IT.

During b.fab, around the edges of the gym, sitting on the floor, are kiddos. Some play on phones, some sing along, some do their homework. And a few of the little gals? They get up and do all the moves right along with us.

And I am so glad.

I am glad because I love the idea that these girls are getting to be in a room full of women having a really great time while also getting a pretty legit workout. They don’t know me, but they see me smiling and sweating at the same time and my heart hopes it speaks to them about what exercise is supposed to be.

I am glad because these mamas are modeling for their gals that exercise is a priority and a fun way to spend an hour.

I am glad because these mamas are modeling for ME how to teach my future daughter about exercise.

I am glad because I watch as the mamas give high-fives to their daughters after they’ve finished a particularly challenging song and are headed to grab a drink of water and I think there is something really beautiful about sharing that moment with your mom.

I am glad because dang those girls got moves! Maybe it is because they are closer to the ground and have a lower center of gravity or because they don’t have the body of a 34 year old (ahem), but I am constantly impressed at how good the little gals are at every dance.

I am glad because whether those mamas realize it or not, they are teaching their daughters (and ME!) that health matters and that exercise is fun.

I am glad because I get to see families make healthy choices together. It’s one of the major tenets I want to build into my family unit when I make one someday- exercise isn’t a must-do, it’s a wanna-do that we choose-to-do because that’s who we wanna-be.

I think about it every week and think that that’s the kind of mama I want to be.

So I’m really glad those girls are in b.fab.fitness with their moms because it has made me want to be a better and healthier mom.

. . . . .

(By the way, here’s a video of one of my favorite songs we do. Don’t look too hard- I promise you times a million that I was not there the night they filmed this, so you won’t find me in the crowd… but I do know every last move to this one.)

. . . . .

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