That Sounds Fun Episode #15: Tim Shaw

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When I was writing Looking For Lovely, there was one story I knew I wanted to tell. Before most of the chapters were even outlined, I knew I wanted Tim Shaw in the book.

He’s so funny, y’all. I mean, you are going to laugh your guts out on this one. And he’s wise. And he doesn’t mind saying the hard thing to me which I love and hate all at the same time. He’s just great.

If you haven’t read Looking For Lovely yet, here’s a quick bio of Tim- former NFL player, now retired and battling ALS, Tim and I became friends a few years ago through church and he will hate me saying this, but it truly is an honor to share life with him and cheer for him as he fights hard against this disease.

He’s also a freestyle rapper and you’re gonna get two raps in this episode. So prepare your heart for THAT. 🙂

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Here are the things we discussed on the podcast:

— Tim Shaw

Cross Point Church

— Tim’s college roommate Tamba Hali


Atlanta Falcons

Tim Tebow

Keith Brooking

Patrick Kearney

Georgia Dome

Nashville Predators

Connor’s episode (forgive the TERRIBLE quality of the sound… it’s not Connor’s fault, it’s mine.)

Hard Knocks on HBO

Devonta Freeman


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Isn’t She Lovely Contest!

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You guys. We are so so excited about the Looking For Lovely Weekend that is coming up SOON AND VERY SOON.

A lot of y’all are already planning to come, and many people are being and coming alone. WOOT. We support that and plan to give you friends friends friends while you are here.

But also, we know that there are some really amazing women who aren’t currently planning to come but would love to attend. Maybe a friend of yours? You have lovely friends and we want you guys to join us.

Every morning when I wake up, as I’m getting ready, I play “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder on my iPhone. I love him and I LOVE THAT SONG. So when we were thinking of how to give away some tickets, I thought, “ISN’T SHE LOVELY!” and hence the name of this contest.

We want YOU to nominate a friend who you think is LOVELY and deserves a free ticket to the Looking For Lovely Weekend!!!

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Post a picture of her (or you and her!) on your instagram account.
  2. Tell us about your friend (WHY IS SHE SO LOVELY?!?)!!
  3. Tell us why she should get a free ticket!
  4. Tag me in the caption (@anniefdowns)
  5. Include the hashtag #lovelycontest

You have until midnight CT on Thursday, June 23rd to post and then Friday, we will be reading through all the stories and picking a few women to invite to the event! (We will cover the ticket cost, but not travel or hotel.)

There may even be a chance (a chance? 😉 ) that the person nominating COULD POSSIBLY get a free ticket as well. YOU NEVER KNOW WITH ME, PEOPLE.

So if you know a college girl who would love some time in Nashville…

or a mama who needs a break….

or a single woman who just needs a weekend of fun….


tell us about her!

We are looking for lovely, and we want to meet your friend!

(And. There are still a few tickets left to purchase if you want to come or know someone who wants to come. We will sell out soon, so don’t wait if you know you want to be here! AND YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE HERE.)

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What happens when you lose.

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What happens when you lose.
For starters, I have one billion pictures I want to post from the KLOVE Awards on Sunday night. I did a few on instagram – my red carpet look, with former UGA football coach and a true hero of mine, Coach Mark Richt, and with my sweet parents who came to Nashville for about 12 hours just to attend the show with me. But more pictures to come, don’t you worry about that.

It was a great experience. Seriously, SO GREAT. I got to meet some amazing artists like Jon Foreman that I LOVE. (That I KLOVE? Ouch. Puns forever.) I got to see tons of bands play that I would pay to see, and I ran into tons of friends from my Girls of Grace days and Nashville friends that I never see because we all travel so much. It was super super fun.

Here is a video from my snapchat of the day- getting ready that morning all the way until I got home from the awards that night.

. . . . .

Before I tell you how it felt to not win, let me tell you how it felt to be nominated: unbelievable.

Looking For Lovely is such a tiny new baby, just months old. The idea that this book is making an impact in enough lives that it would be noticed by KLOVE absolutely made me smile from ear to ear. I really hoped we would win- it doesn’t change my bank account or my twitter following to have a trophy from KLOVE, but it does get the book in front of a lot of eyes that don’t know me, and that’s important to me. And I love that book. So I love sharing it.

But it didn’t win.

Here’s the thing: Looking For Lovely losing the KLOVE Fan Award wasn’t anywhere near the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced, I didn’t cry or anything. But it’s just a strange feeling. A sad, strange feeling.

I have so so so much newfound respect for the movie stars who have to sit there, with a camera staring them down and an excited smile on their face for the winner, when maybe their heart, like my heart, fell to the floor when another name was called.

I felt sad because losing is terrible, no matter how you slice it.

I felt embarrassed because so many of you, my friends, voted for me and I didn’t want to have to tell you we lost.

I felt disappointed because I got my hopes up that we might win.

It doesn’t change the honor of nomination, it doesn’t change how much I loved the night. It just sucks to lose.

On my flight yesterday, I was reading Proverbs and a verse jumped out at me:

“Even in laughter the heart may ache.” — Proverbs 14:13 (NIV)

Right? Do you ever feel that? So while my heart may ache because Looking For Lovely lost, there was a lot of laughter, too. They can both exist in the same moment. I’m not scared of the mystery of that. I’m really okay with it.

And also? I was in a room absolutely full of losers.

Of the ten-ish awards, there were something like fifty to sixty nominees, and less than ten winners.


Hillsong United. Kari Jobe. Rebekah Lyons. Natalie Grant. Coach Richt. MercyMe. Jen Hatmaker. Chris Tomlin.

If that’s who you hang with in the “loser” category, I WILL TAKE IT.

So what happens when you lose a KLOVE Fan Award?

You feel your feelings, but you join a very cool club of people. And you have great memories from a night you’ll never forget.

Thank you, KLOVE. And thank you to all my friends who voted. We’ll get ’em next time.

. . . . .

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