2017 Christmas Party Episode 3: Melanie Shankle

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I have been dyyyyyyying to get Melanie Shankle on the podcast, and there’s no better time than during this year’s Christmas party! Mel’s new book, Church of the Small Things, was one of my favorite reads this year. Get ready to laugh, learn, and wish you had a whole bunch more time with Mel. She’s just the best.

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Here are links to a few things we talked about on this episode!

Melanie Shankle

Church of the Small Things (Melanie’s newest book!)

Jon McLaughlin’s new Christmas EP!

Lisa Whelchel (Blair from the Facts of Life)

That Sounds Fun with Lisa Whittle

“Even Steven” Seinfeld episode

Nordstrom + Nordstrom Rack


Free People


J. Crew

Ann Taylor Loft

Recreational Shrimping



Melanie’s Podcast!

Samaritan Ministries

The Real Housewives

Andy Cohen

Get 100 Days to Brave signed for Christmas!

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Get 100 Days To Brave Signed For Christmas!

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This is one of my favorite things to do each Christmas! We have gotten a pile of emails and messages in the last few days from friends giving 100 Days To Brave as a Christmas gift and wondering if I can sign the copy for their friend!

The short answer is: YES!

One small problem we are having is looooots of places are sold out. It’s a good problem, a temporary problem, but still labeled in the “problem” category. LUCKILY FOR US, our friends at Barnes & Noble have plenty plenty plenty. So we have partnered with them this holiday season to get books signed for you to give as gifts!!

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Buy a copy of 100 Days To Brave from Barnes & Noble online or in a store in your town.
  2. Fill out this form. (The LAST DAY we will mail bookplates is December 20th. So you have to buy the book and fill out the form before December 20th.)
  3. Watch in the mail for the bookplate to arrive within the week!

So easy cheesy, right? I KNOW!

. . . . .

Let’s do some Q&A:

How quick will I get my bookplate? 

We will mail them out the day after you fill out the form! So however fast mail gets from Nashville, Tennessee to Your Town, USA.

How does a bookplate work?

It’s a sticker. You fill out the form with the person’s name, I sign it to them, I mail it to you, you stick it in the book, you wrap it, they open it, they love you, everyone cries (including me, from a distance).

What if I buy a copy for myself from Barnes & Noble? Can I get a signed bookplate?

Sure. I’m down with that. Just fill out the form!

What if I fill out the form after December 21st?

Don’t. Okay? Just don’t. It will make me sad I can’t mail things to you in time, so please just don’t. Don’t make me have a sad Christmas. Fill the form out, at the lastest, on December 2oth.

What if I already purchased books for Christmas from another place?

Part 1, thank you. Truly. Part 2, since Barnes & Noble have gone out of their way to have enough books available and partnered with us to make sure everyone who would want a book can get one for Christmas, we are only signing bookplates for books purchased from them this year.

. . . . .

Any other questions, just leave them in the comments and I’ll answer ASAP!

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CSB Notetaking Bible Giveaway!

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Let me just tell ya’ll something -the Bible is POWERFUL. God is really generous in tending to my heart and soul, and so much of that happens for me through reading and studying the Bible. The cool thing about the CSB Notetaking Bible is that it’s designed to enhance personal Bible study as well as preparation for teaching. My favorite part (shoutout to my fellow journalers) is that this Bible features a single-column setting, and tons of precious note-taking space on each page to make observations, record insights, raise questions, and dive deep.

*drumroll please*

And of course, because I’m Annie and I LOVE a good giveaway, I’ll be giving away 3 copies of the CSB Notetaking Bible, Sage Cloth Over Board edition! I hope you’re as excited as I am for this one.

To enter, just leave your favorite Bible verse in the comments section below. I know, I know SUPER difficult -there are tons of good ones out there. So if you’re like me and can’t choose, I’ll take ’em all! One entry per person. NOT limited to my friends in the US – booyah!

You’ve got until December 15th at 10am to make it happen people. I’ll put all of your names in a hat (or something cooler?), draw 3 names and BOOM, IT’S YOURS. Make sure you enter a working e-mail address in the “email address” box.

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