That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 81: World Cup Soccer Preview with Aaron Chewning and Dave Barnes

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You know I have two real dreams for my friends listening- that you would love the enneagram and international soccer.

The Men’s World Cup, the biggest worldwide soccer tournament, begins next week and this summer is the best time for you to jump on board and learn to love the sport. (I hope. I hope so hard.)

So I grabbed two of my favorite dudes and soccer (and comedy) experts- Aaron Chewning and Dave Barnes- and we went DEEEEP into soccer. Stick with us, friends. Lots to learn, lots of soccer player name drops, lots of laughs, and maybe one of my favorite episodes ever.

Dave Barnes

Aaron  Chewning

All you need to know about the World Cup (seriously, there’s a lot)

World Cup Game Schedule

Major League Soccer (MLS)

Premiere League Football 


Church Hunters Video

Guess Who Video

Atlanta United FC

Super FUN teams to watch:


Teams with lots of potential (and talent):

Hell on Wheels

Dave Barnes Karate Lessons

Dave Barnes Cowboy School

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That Sounds Fun Podcast 100th Episode!

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100 episodes.

And you’re still here. (Thanks for that!)

This one is ridiculous and fun and a sprinkling of stuff that matters and lots of Royal Wedding and a promise about Christmas that you don’t want to forget (because I’m never talking about it ever again). Just 100 hot takes.

Y’all have made my life so much more fun. Thank you.

. . . . .

Make sure you follow Eddie and listen to The New Activist! (And if you want to hear Eddie and I and some of our other best pals do this mess every week, check out the Relevant Podcast!)

The New Activist

Relevant Podcast

Here are some things we talked about on this episode!


Christian Appalachian Project

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 74: Ginna Claire Mason


Prince Edward Island

CS Lewis, the Chronicles of Narnia

Where Are They Now? The Cast of Jerry Maguire

The changing face of Renee Zellweger..

The Crown

Let’s All Be Brave

The Royal Wedding 2018

Steve Irwin

Ted Dekker

IF: Gathering

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 6b: Dave Barnes

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 48: Kevin Queen

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 78: My New Favorite Song

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 69: Dansby Swanson

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 63: John Crist

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 15: Tim Shaw

What a Feeling



Austin Channing Brown

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 64: Winston and Rachel Cruze

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That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 80: Curtis Zackery

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Y’all know we love talking about Sabbath around here, and with summer kicking off this week, let’s talk a bit about slowing down and what rest can look like (I bet it’s different than you think). Curtis Zackery, or CZ as we friends call him, has written a new book called Soul Rest all about it. We knock into a lot of topics- church leadership, race, miscarriage, just to name a few- and you’re going to love and respect this pastor, leader, author, and friend by the time we’re done.

Podcast Survey!

Curtis Zackery

Grab Soul Rest, here!

Church of the City

Dave Barnes’ music

People’s Church

Darren Whitehead

Holy Discontent Sermon Series

Søren Kierkegaard

Eugene Peterson

Jimmy Fallon

Parker Palmer

Books on Sabbath

Rhythms (and getting still!)

More of CZ’s book recommendations!

Paul by N.T. Wright

Cross Point Church

How God Became King by N.T. Wright

How Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

Madeline L’Engle

2017 Christmas Party Episode 5: Gifts For Your Enneagram Type with Seth Abram

100 Days to Brave!

Podcast page

Relevant Podcast

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