31 Books: Celebration of Discipline (Book #17)


disciplineTitle: Celebration of Discipline

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Richard Foster

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What the book is about:

In Celebration of Discipline, Foster explores the “classic Disciplines,” or central spiritual practices, of the Christian faith to show how each of these areas contribute to a balanced spiritual life.

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Why I like it:

I read this book as a high schooler and the explanations and teachings about disciplines such as fasting, prayer, communion, etc, really helped shape my daily relationship with the Lord. It’s a teaching book- a good one to read as a small group – not a feel good read. But man, I still work to apply the disciplines that Richard Foster writes about because I know and feel the difference when I’m being that Annie, the one who celebrates the disciplines of our faith.

Young women need to be reminded of the daily parts of our faith and the importance of pursuing the disciplines that God has outlined for our good and our growth. This book is the perfect guide for that.

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