31 Books Every Young Woman Needs


So here’s the thing.

My blog is getting some behind the scenes work done (read: Oceans almost broke my little corner of the internet), so I can’t blog until Monday…. at least, not blog serious things that I will be sad if it gets lost on the web.

But I cannot resist a 31 days. Apparently. So I’m telling you today that I’m gonna do it, but it will be a few days before we really kick off.

In the mean time, here are the ones I’ve done in the past:

31 Days of Courage (2011) …. this was the birth of Let’s All Be Brave, by the way

31 Days of Jokes (2012)

31 Ways to Speak Love (2013)

And now, in 2014, the question I get asked THE MOST by moms and leaders and people who love teen girls and college girls is WHAT SHOULD SHE BE READING?

So I’m going to tell you this month the 31 books I think every young lady needs on her shelf.

Starting Monday. 🙂

. . . . .

Are you participating in Nester’s 31 Days? What are you writing about? Leave a link in the comments- I love reading new blogs each October!

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