Day 10 :: Saddle up.

I had a very exciting Sunday indeed.

And I’m not simply referring to watching Downton Abbey with twenty college girls and then having to defeat this pile of dishes [though that was exciting and courageous].

Before all that happened, I hopped a train to St. Andrews on Sunday morning.

Follow me here. My Dad’s first cousin’s daughter (MB) and her husband have just moved to St. Andrews, and my Dad’s first cousin and her best friend, who are both good friends of my parents, were in town.

So what I’m saying is, kinfolk moved to Scotland and more kinfolk came to visit.

It was really. really. fun. I hadn’t really thought through the fact that I hadn’t seen proper FAMILY since July. So it was nice to have some family time.

Though we aren’t first cousins, and I actually had never met MB’s husband, it was nice to be around my people. I’m lucky to be related to them.

It’s like this- my grandmother and MB’s grandfather were brother and sister. And Sunday morning, as MB and I stood side-by-side in church and worshipped together, I could just imagine my grandmother and her grandfather standing together and smiling down from Heaven.

Because their people love God and love the nations and love each other.

You can’t ask much more for your descendants, I don’t think.

All that is well and good and sweet and all, but here’s where courage comes in: I rode a motorcycle.

[Sorry that this is how you are finding out, Mama. But your friends let me do it. 🙂]

My train was at 3:20ish and the afternoon got away from us. So instead of taking a bus out to the station, MB’s husband just scooted me out there on his motorcycle.

I saddled up on a motorcycle with my cousin’s husband, whom I had known for approximately four hours, and held on for dear life.

I’ve never been on a motorcycle before. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome. Especially on a perfect weather day through the countryside of Scotland. It probably helped that this cool old bike tops out at about 50 MPH, so we weren’t flying, but it was sure faster than I pedal a bicycle, which before yesterday had been my only experience on a two-wheeled vehicle.

[I just made the choice not to think about what would happen to my skin were I to fall off said 50 MPH motorcycle.]

It was very exciting and bizarre and an unexpected turn of events.

Oh, and of course I said, “well, this is perfect ABSOLUTELY! PERFECT! for my blog.” Because if there is one thing you people love, it is when I get in weird situations unexpectedly and have my camera along to record it.

So I said, “MB, we must take a picture together.”

You are welcome, world.

My courage knows no bounds. 🙂

. . . . .

Do you have any brave stories of transportation?

. . . . .

Who I’m reading: Sandra’s 31 Days of Better Writing. Just in the first nine days, I have learned A TON. So looking forward to the rest of the month.

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