Day 24 :: Eternal impact.

Courage isn’t a complicated topic to write about. I mean, we all desire to be courageous and we all respect people that we think are brave.

But living life courageously is quite another thing.

As mentioned way back on Day 3, a lack of courage is nothing more than a lack of understanding. If you are afraid to be brave, you have forgotten one of these things:

  1. Who you are. [That was Day 8.]
  2. Who loves you. [That was Day 17.]
  3. The eternal impact you can make on this world. [That’s today!]

Staying in Prague this weekend, I have watched my friends live a pretty brave life. A country that doesn’t speak English + one car + two toddlers = courage aboundeth. But I also think about my best friends living in Marietta. They are raising two toddlers each as well, and I think that takes a lot of bravery to stay home and work 24/7 to create an environment where Godly children can flourish.

Here’s what. My friends in Prague, moms in Marietta, Dave writing music, Lois making wise choices, and Queen Esther all have one thing in common. Their courageous choices are making an eternal impact.

It’s not a complicated concept. It’s just a hard one to remember. It’s not a pressure-filled concept, either. It’s just a reality.  The decisions you make don’t just affect you. Think about siblings. The older brother jumps off the second wooden step onto the cement sidewalk. The younger brother sees and thinks, “I can do that too.” And somehow, he does. The same thing happens all the time- I see someone else write a book, I think I can do it. I see someone else run a half-marathon, I think I can do it. I see someone else move to a foreign country, I think I can do it.

I see someone else trust God for finances, for a husband, for a job, for friends, for a future and I think, “then I will trust Him too.”

If I can watch you be brave in your world, then I can be brave in mine.

I have lots of hopes and dreams about this season in Edinburgh. But one of the top things I hope so much is that others will now be brave enough to serve God across the world. See, I watched someone else do it. I saw their courage and I saw that they survived :). They made an eternal impact on me. And everyone who reads these words or somehow chooses courage because of my life, they are a ripple effect of the people who impacted me.

We are eternal beings with eternal futures and we have the opportunity, here on this temporal Earth, to make an eternal impact.

Whether that is in your job, your family, or your mission field- its time to be brave. It’s time to realize that people are watching. It’s time to make the kind of eternal impact that will create a culture of courage.

I know this post feels serious and bossy [and long], but I must confess that I feel pretty passionate about this. We cannot keep living like our lives are just about us. They aren’t. 

I don’t know what this looks like for you. I wouldn’t dare to guess. Maybe you don’t know either, and that’s okay. Ask God. Just ask. Just ask God for opportunities to be courageous and make an eternal impact and He will give them. I promise.

Be brave in your world and watch as that ripples through your community. 

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