Day 22: The joke’s on me.

You guys are going to like this joke so much. But even more, you’re going to like what a complete idiot I am.

Yesterday afternoon I get a text from my friend Graham.

We ate lunch together after church and a few hours later I got a text from her. Thinking she had a legitimate question, I answered as scholarly as possible.

Because, you know, I’m smart.

[Graham is white, I am blue, just FYI.]

And then she proceeded to laugh her head off at my attempt to help her really think through the first people to live in the continental USA.

I told you I was an idiot.

Here’s your joke, people.

. . . . .

How do we know Native Americans were the first in America?

They had reservations.

. . . . .

That’s funny. Because Native Americans really did / do live on reservations. Also, who in the world competes in Thanksgiving trivia? Apparently I think Graham does.

Happy Monday.

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