Day 31: The best for last.

I saved the best comedian for today.

It’s my Dad. He calls himself “The Funny Man.” I tend to agree.

[But if you ask anyone in my family, they would say I always tend to agree with my Dad. It’s true. I’m a fan.]

You may remember, or maybe you are newer around here, but my Dad has actually been in a comedy contest. And he came in second. It was one of the top nights in our family’s life.

So I thought there is no finer way to end the month than to get my favorite comedian to tell us a joke.

. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . .

A guy goes to the doctor and he has a carrot in his nose and celery in his ear.

He says, “Doctor, I don’t feel too well.”

And the doctor says, “Well, I can see you haven’t been eating right.”

. . . . .

Perfection. Well done, Daddy.

Hope you guys have loved this month as much as I have.

Thanks for your laughs.


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