Day 12 :: Love Your Bloggers

31 waysI’ve been blogging since November of 2006.

I cannot believe that in one month this little ol’ corner of the internet sky will be seven years old.

I’ve written almost 1500 posts and I bet I’m not the oldest or biggest [or most consistent] blogger you read.

I don’t care what size blog you have or how often you post, you are putting words out into the world that are changing someone’s life. You can bet on it. You may never hear from the vast majority of them [just look at your traffic vs. your comments], but you are making a difference.

[I wrote a lot about this on Day 1.]

But I, like many of you probably, am not only a blog writer- I’m a blog reader. My feedly has close to 300 subscriptions and I try to scan through and read most of the blogs that my favorite bloggers write every day too.

To be honest, though, I can’t tell you the last time I thanked those bloggers that I love. What non-bloggers don’t see are the late night hours of dealing with HTML code, the nasty emails that are sent for one reason or no reason at all, the challenge to build a community for your readers, the comments, the words, the pictures, the formatting, the writing. And very few [I mean, like TWO] bloggers make a lot of moola but most of us barely make any and surely don’t make minimum wage for the hours put in.

People do all that for free because they love to be bloggers. [Me too. I love being a blogger.]

But it’s also hard and time consuming and a part time job.

Also? It’s a daily chance to speak love to the readers who pop by your place every day- whether they are learning about crafts or recipes or Nashville or being a mom or what-have-you. In fact, Nester’s 31 Day series has collected over 1500 blogs! 1500 people who are putting words out to the world for 31 days straight just because they want to.

Because I’m constantly overly sentimental, this idea really moves me today.

Thank you, bloggers, for your time and effort and writing. I read more of you than you realize and I am blessed by your words and your investment. Thanks for making the internet a fun place to be. I am a better me because of bloggers like you.

. . . . .


So why not pick five of your favorite bloggers and shoot them a quick thanks this weekend? What is your favorite post they’ve written? Be specific in why their words matter to you. Think through who you read- which writer hasn’t gotten a comment in the last week but you don’t miss a post? Which writer toils over her words but hasn’t even spoken at a blog conference? Which blogger tells the truth even when it isn’t popular? Remind your favorites why you come back day after day.

Speak love to some bloggers today. Their words matter.


This is Day 12 of 31 Ways to Speak Love. You can click here to see a list of all the posts in the series.

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