Day 8 :: Parents

31 waysI have great parents.

I hope I tell them that enough.

There are about six years of teen angst that I’m still making up for in my words towards them, so if you are keeping score- yeah, I’m behind.

Teens and children are very self-focused [in general] and the idea that what they say has any affect on their parents is a foreign concept.

I’ve never been a mama. I’ve certainly never been a dad. But I watch a lot of them and the older I get, the more I can see clearly how much those words from the younger to the older matter.

It’s a gentle dance that I’m learning as an adult daughter and mentor to younger women- how to use words and be affected by words without letting my worth be defined by others’ words.

And so many of my friends are parents- I’m watching them raise really decent kids that are super enjoyable to be around.

I hope I tell them that enough.

Parenting is a tough gig- I know that from having my own set of parents as well as watching a lot of parenting going on around me. It’s a bunch of flawed humans doing the best they can to barely scar the flawed humans they are raising. Not a walk in the park always, a heavy responsibility, but also great rewards.

So thanks, Mama and Daddy, for all the work you put into raising me and my sisters [and cousins]. Thanks for putting up with me when I was a bit of a mess and thanks for continuing to put up with me as I continue to be a bit of a mess. Y’all are pretty awesome. I’m glad you are my parents.

. . . . .


Today, why not tell your parents why you love them? Make that call- maybe you haven’t talked to them in a few minutes, days, or weeks. But make a call and catch up and say “I love you.” It goes a long way.

Caveat. I know your parents may not be awesome, or may not be living in order for you to celebrate them. If you can’t contact your own parents, why not find some friends who are parents and celebrate them? I’m going to be doing that today as well- calling a few of my favorite parent friends and let them know I think they are doing an awesome job.

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