October is gonna get crazy.

It’s Thursday night.

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Indianapolis after the first night of Influence. My roomie and real life friend Amanda is over on her bed, I’m on mine, and I’m reflecting on the goodness that is retreats/conferences.

[I know. You’ve read posts upon posts this week about the dislike and distrust of conferences and I agree with a lot that my friends said in their writing, but since I’m a Pollyanna-esque extravert, I’m having a great time.]

I like being here. I like getting to teach on Saturday all about the mean girl we deal with as adults and how these bloggers can grab hold of the power they have in their words and change the world.

You know, cause I think they can. Really.

So I’m prepping for that, but mainly I’ve spent the last few days getting ready for October. Why? Well. Let’s list it.

. . . . .

One>>  October is Anti-Bullying Month

There is a lot going on in our country to “celebrate” [not the right word but you know what I mean] this month and raise awareness. So we’re trying to get the Speak Love message out there to as many teens as possible.

Would you be audacious and brave and ask for God’s favor on Speak Love [and me as the messenger] with some major news networks and morning shows? We are praying that God will spread this message far and wide. Will you join us?

. . . . .

Two>>  Speak Love Now Devos

A few weeks ago, I met with some youth leaders in Houston and one of the women said, “you know what my girls need? They need a quick daily teen devotional.” I said, “Okay, I can do that.” Because this is my job and when youth leaders say they need something I WANT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

So my Intern Sarah and I got to work and have got a plan that will start in October. Using instragram [where all the teens are these days anyways], we’re going to start having quick simple devos every weekday morning. Follow along if you want and make sure all the teen gals you know/lead are following as well. The devos will be up by 7am CST each weekday morning, so hopefully we’ll all be able to see it and discuss first thing in the morning.

How cool will it be to know that a lot of gals are doing their quiet times together at the same time every morning? I know. I’m kinda stoked about it. [Except my Scotland gals will have to do them at night, but I think they’ll be fine with it.]

Here’s the link: http://instagram.com/speaklovenow

. . . . .

Three>>  31 Days!

For the last few years, I have LOVED participating in Nester’s 31 Days writing challenge.

2011: 31 Days of Courage

2012: 31 Days of Jokes

I’ve been thinking and praying about it a lot and talked to some wise women and they all agreed- if ever a month where all the stars aligned for us to really dig in and go after using our words well, it’s here.

2012 was fun, 2011 was storytelling, but this year is a challenge. I’m going to tell you all about it next week, but get ready people. No kidding, if you’ll grab on to what God is calling us to next month, your world will change. Money back guarantee.

31 ways

. . . . .

I’m gonna get real for a minute. October mildly terrifies me. Interviews. 31 blog posts. Managing a whole new instagram feed. Traveling for Girls of Grace. Speaking three times in Nashville. It’s a crazy month.

But I’m dropping my head down low and powering through this fear and exhaustion because I am sure LIKE SURE about what God has called me to – what He has called US to as His people – and the ways we could see our culture change if we will just believe Him and do it.

1 Thessalonians 5:24

The One who calls you is faithful,

and He will do it.

Right? RIGHT.

. . . . .

In all of this, God, be our vision.

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