I would never kid you about something this serious.

I’m flying to Hawaii today.

It’s a little weird to go to Hawaii fourteen days before my next book is due because, you know, words. I need to type a lot of them this week. So it’s not like a pure vacay. But let’s be serious- it’s pretty close.

But I’m so honored and excited to be speaking at the Bloom Conference this weekend. God put this dream on Tiffany Thurston‘s heart and my word has that girl worked hard to see it come true. She’s the kind of girl God loves to work with I think- He whispers a dream and she jumps right on board and plays along bravely. That’s pretty awesome.

So I’ll spend a few days in Honolulu, writing the book while looking at the ocean, and then I’ll get to share Jesus with hundreds of Hawaiian high school and college girls.

Would you pray for a few things?

  • For lots of words, mostly the right ones, for the new book that is due on July 1
  • For the right examples and stories and scripture to share with the girls this weekend
  • For the Bloom girls to really see God in new and deep ways
  • For rest
  • For tons of beautiful moments… I’m traveling alone, seeing the island alone, and I’m genuinely really excited to listen to God and spend some time just being on vacation with Him. [I know. That sounds super cheesy. But it’s how I feel so I’m saying it.]

And I’m sure I’m gonna instagram like whoa all week, so don’t you worry about that.


Do you know any girls in Honolulu? Make sure they know about the Bloom Conference!

Do you have any favorite spots on the island of Oahu that I should be sure to see?

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