Day 21 :: Two Free Birds

31 waysI cannot wait for tonight.

A few times a year Ellie Holcomb and I get to travel together and share with crowds of gals. Ellie sings, sharing the words she has written and put to music, I chat about words words words, and then we hang on stage together and cluck like hens and answer questions and who knows what’ll happen because the end is always a little nutty.

It’s a good good time.

And we are extra excited about tonight at Fellowship Bible Church here in Nashville because the event is totally free. Like, as many teen girls, college girls, tweens, mamas, and leaders can attend and spend a couple of hours with us and each other.

Three cheers for Fellowship being rad.

If you are close to Nashville, join us! We’ll kick off at 7:00pm and be done by 8:30pm.

On Mondays, I’ve been sharing some of my favorite songs that Speak Love to the world – Brave and Words– and today, Ellie’s team has made a lyric video just for us!

I absolutely love this song. Ellie sings it at every Two Free Birds event and it makes me tear up. [Here’s a clip of it]

. . . . .


What an encouraging video/song for a Monday morning! Why not share it with your friends today! Also, if you have amigas in Nashville, will you make sure they know about this free event tonight? That would be awesome. And if YOU live here/near, see you tonight!


This is Day 21 of 31 Ways to Speak Love. You can click here to see a list of all the posts in the series.

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