Girls of Grace Conference!

I’m interrupting this holiday [with grateful in my heart to all the servicemen and women] to say this:


Let me explain:

Starting in July 2012, I get to be one of the speakers for the Girls of Grace Conference.

Hence the EEEEEEEK!.

I’m sure you understand.

I’ve updated my AnnieSpeaks page, so you can see all the places I’m currently scheduled to speak. [And duh, if you have a retreat or event coming up and you are looking for a speaker and that date isn’t already snatched, email me, yo!]

[Also, if you are in the Blue Circle, I’m having SO MUCH FUN driving around the Southeast that I want to meet more of you! You should probs email me and we should probs find a day to hang out this summer.]

Back to Girls of Grace.

July 28th I’m in Phoenix, AZ. I’ve never been there. I may melt.

August 11th I’ll be in Jackson, MS. And have I ever told y’all that people say my speaking demeanor reminds them of Emma Stone? I’m all, “thank you for the HIGHEST OF COMPLIMENTS” because I find her so lovely. [Jackson –> The Help –> Emma Stone … that’s how I got to this topic.]

August 18th I’m in Charlotte, NC. I have lots of friends there. I hope to see them all.


The thing is that TODAY ends early bird ticket pricing for these three cities and

A) I want you to come so we can hug it out!

B) I want you to get a cheap ticket.

So do it.

Now we return you to your regularly scheduled BBQing and swimming and all manner of Summer welcoming.

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