Let’s hang this summer.

I love Memorial Day.

It just feels full of people having a great time. And you know me, I love to have a great time. We were out on the lake all Saturday (and I do not have a sunburn thank you very much), and then we went to my favorite corner of middle Tennessee for a concert. It was just one of those life-giving weekends that you hope you never forget.

And here we are. Tuesday. Back to work for you and me and everyone except most school kids. 🙂 Lucky ducks.

My June and July are fairly quiet, besides the release of Let’s All Be Brave on July 29.

So I’m wondering…. want me to come hang out with y’all?


Sorry for the overly excited face. It’s just how I live.

Here’s the thing. Just being real with ya. In order to pay my bills these next few months, I need to have a few more speaking events. This works out great for me because I love traveling to hang out with my people. So I was just going to check in with you and see if your church or group wants to have me come sometime in June or July?

It can be any collection of folks…

  • your youth group?
  • all the girls in your high school ministry?
  • your weekly college summer ministry?
  • the singles group?
  • a mother/daughter event?

Maybe we do a one night event and invite a bunch of youth groups from around town and I’ll grab Chris Wheeler and toss him in the car too? Or maybe you already have a weekly event for your women or youth or college students who are in town for the summer and your pastor would just like a week off from teaching? I’m here for ya, people.

And because I’d like to pick up 3-5 events, I’m willing to cut you a pretty good deal in order to make ends meet. Especially if you are in driving distance (250 miles or less from Nashville), we can definitely make something work.

Here is my speaking page with my calendar.

On the bottom of that page is a contact form. That comes straight to my inbox. So if you have a plan or a dream or a thought and want to brainstorm, send it over and let’s figure out how to make this a reality in June or July!

(Also- if you know a youth pastor, a college pastor, a singles minister, or a women’s ministry director, will you forward this on to them? It would mean a lot.)

Double also- we’re about to plan a mini-tour in August with the release of Let’s All Be Brave, so get pumped about that. We’re hoping to head to New England area and down the West Coast. So if you live in any of those places, let’s try to connect in August! (More info coming soon. I promise.)

Hope to hear from you! Let’s do this!!

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