Quarter Life Conference TONIGHT!


So here’s a cool brand new thing.

The QuarterLife Conference.

It’s the best kind of conference for people in their 20s… because they don’t have to go anywhere or pay anything. IT IS FREE AND IT IS ON THE INTERNET.

I know. Impressivo.

And it is happening TONIGHT at 8pm EST. 

Here’s the deal. All you do is sign up and then you get access to watch a lot of incredibly impressive teachers – Bill and Pam Farrel, Gary Chapman, Gary Thomas, Justin and Trish Davis, Joy Eggerichs. And then they invited me to teach as well, kind of out of respect for the everyman. 🙂

But seriously. Sharing the internet stage with these other speakers is such an honor. I’m really grateful. And nervous.

We are each teaching on relationships- how to have healthy growing relationships in your 20s is such a challenge, and I think each session offers a unique take on how to do this.

Here’s the coolest part- if you sign up and can’t watch tonight, you have access to watch at your leisure, or if you wanna get your small group together and watch, plan a watching party!

Seriously. It’s free. And I know you, 20-something, you’re gonna open your computer tonight and watch SOMETHING on the internet… but most shows are done for the season. So unless you haven’t seen JT’s performances on SNL from last week, this is the very best option for your internet watching hour.

[And let’s be serious. You’ve seen Justin’s performances, including the dress rehearsal of Mirrors. I know you.]

So check out the QuarterLife Conference and please don’t be embarrassed by my drink of choice thank you and amen.

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