Retreat season, she is upon us.

If you follow me on twitter or on instagram, then you probably already know this – but I got to spend last weekend with the lovely ladies from the University of Georgia Wesley Foundation.

It was fun, y’all. One of the girls asked me, “do you like speaking or writing more?” and I answered very eloquently by saying, “yes. I do.”

Because as much as I love writing [and I do love writing!], I totally dig getting to speak to groups of girls. It is fun times x a million to me – as evidenced on this face here.

And you can probably tell, based on the beautiful letters behind me, that we spent the weekend focused on a very favorite subject of mine- courage. If you were around in October, I wrote 31 days of courage, but getting to talk about it for three days straight was just as fun. Maybe more. Yeah, more.

Also. You wanna know what I absolutely ADORE about my life as a speaker? I get to bring my friends with me! They leave their brood of toddlers behind with their husbands and spend the weekend brushing my hair and feeding me grapes and stuff like that.

For years we dreamed of the day when I could employ them. Tis here.

Look! I have a merch table! I sell things! And I tell everybody about joining my Mocha Club team! This is my job!

The whole weekend was a blast- the leadership from the Wesley Foundation was so great and easy to work with, God showed up in some beautiful and unique ways, and the girls were a blast to get to know.

I also mentioned how much I love burritos [I do], and then one of the students BROUGHT ME A CHEESE BURRITO FOR DINNER and I almost cried with happy.

I came home full of energy and ready to do it again….

This weekend.


We have another retreat and about 16 hours together in the car. My Toyota Camry, 170,000 miles and 10 years under her belt, is driving like a champion. I could not be more proud of her performance. Sure, her brakes are squeaky and her driver side door flings open too fast, but she means well.

16 hours seems a little daunting. I think we’re gonna listen to an audio-book. Any recommendations?

Spring and Fall are busy busy seasons for speakers and your prayers on how to balance all these things and these weekends and answer emails and work on writing a new book and still have healthy friendships in Nashville are greatly appreciated.

Also, your cheese burrito recipes are appreciated.

. . . . .

I still have two weekends available for speaking this spring and am starting to book my summer/fall speaking schedule. If you are looking for a speaker for your teen or college girls retreat, summer camp,  or womens retreat, check out the details here. Get in contact with me and we’ll do our best to work something out!

[Also, this is still pretty top secret…. but really soon we have some super fun announcements about my writing/speaking life and if you are in driving distance to Nashville (3 hours or less), I may be headed your way. Consider yourself warned.]


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