Speaking in metro-Atlanta!

Thursday night, right before my dinner plans, I checked the weather and it was all ICE AND SNOW AND DRIVING WILL BE TERRIBLE which if you aren’t from the South, you are picturing something totally different than what actually happens.

Example? The county where my parents live cancelled school today and I can currently see cars buzzing up and down the street. I used to teach in that county. Wouldn’t you?

But the fear of bad weather? Tis a powerful thing in the heart of Southerners.

So last night in Nashville, I realize that if it is icy and yucky crossing over the mountains of Chattanooga on Friday, I may become the next episode of Ice Road Truckers Funniest Home Videos. So at 9pm CST, I loaded up my car and drove to Atlanta, arriving at 1:30am EST and felt kinda like a hardcore professional speaker.

[I’m not.]

I’m happily at my parents’ house, no icey road incidents to speak of, and I’m drinking tea and working in front of the fireplace and it feels like I have zero problems in the whole world except that I left my slippers in Nashville and they are my comfort piece.


If you are a woman/girl/my Dad and you live in metro-Atlanta/my childhood home, you are welcome to join us at RiverStone Church!

Friday night starts at 7:45pm.

Saturday night starts at 7:15pm.

I promise lots of jokes and Bible and embarrassing stories and a minimal amount of tears. Probably.

For the rest of you, I’d love if you would pray for a powerful weekend full of God’s presence. I’m excited about what He is going to do in the hearts of the students and women that are gathering together.

Y’all have a great weekend!

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