Takin’ it to the streets!

I want legwarmers and jazz hands for this announcement, but I have them not.

Here’s the announcement:

It’s time for a BOOK TOUR, y’all!!!

Yes, sweet little Perfectly Unique has now made herself known on the internet and in bookstores and is arriving in homes every day and it’s crazy fun. And now she has a little confidence and a little hop in her step and is ready to get out there.

[Not me, of course. I’m always ready to see you guys. I don’t need more confidence when it comes to our friendship. I’m feeling good about me and you. Moving on…]

So here is what a book tour event looks like. I’m gonna use bullet points so I don’t ramble away your Wednesday.

1. ME. I will be there. I will speak. I will have a table with books. I will sell said books ($10 each), or I will sign the book you have already purchased.

2. ELLIE HOLCOMB. Yes, seriously, THAT Ellie. [Would I kid you about that?] Ellie is going to sing. She will have a table with CDs. She will sell them ($10 each) and sign them.

Umm… that’s about it. But it’s a beautiful event and we are really really humbled and excited to get to travel together and meet all of you and share some stories of Jesus and how He rescues.

We have a few events scheduled around the Southeast and we’ll put out those details as they are finalized. But here is the first one AND IT IS OUR ONLY EVENT IN METRO-ATLANTA, so if you wanna come here Ellie sing, me talk, and then us do some sort of Q&A / stand-up act / who’s on first biz, this is your chance.

Annie & Ellie in Marietta, GA

For my hometown peeps, this is as close to a book release party as you are going to get. So come on out!

But every last one of you are invited, whether you were born and raised in Marietta or not. 🙂 It’s a FREE event and there will be enough chairs, books, CDs, and love for alls yous.

. . . . .

Don’t live near Marietta but would love for Ellie and I to come do an event for the girls in your church or ministry?

Here’s what:

We only have a few dates left in the Fall that are available… as Ellie is a ticking time bomb. By that, I mean she is 7 months pregnant and cannot travel after October 10.

BUT. We are booking for the Spring and Summer 2013 as well! So that’s exciting!

Either way, just use the Contact Form on the AnnieBlogs speaking page and let us know if this is something you’d be interested in hosting at your church, etc. and we’ll work out the deets! [Make sure you mention that you want the Annie & Ellie tour.]

Being that I am actually not 7 months pregnant :), I’ve got a little more availability in the winter, so let me know if you are looking to bring in a speaker- for one night event, or one day, or a weekend. I have a very few dates available in the fall, a few in the spring, and I’m totally hoping to do a few camps this summer- so hook a sister up!

Check out all the details, including my schedule, on the Annie Speaks page.

. . . . .

Question for your Wednesday: if you were coming to hang with me and Ellie, what questions would you throw in the ol’ Q&A hat? What would you like to have one or both of us answer?

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