And then….!

And with the second huge launch of the week…..

She’s a beaut, that website. Super similar to AnnieBlogs, on purpose. is mainly meant for people who don’t know me, who google some author their friend told them about [fingers crossed], and want to know about my author life. won’t change on a daily basis, that’s just here at AnnieBlogs.

Do I need two websites in my life? And while it is true that I’ve been [rightly] accused of being selfish, I hope that’s not what people say about 2-website kind of gals like me. It’s just that people say sentences like, “You are an author now, correct? Do you have a website?” and then I say “” and they say “Did you say ‘Blogs’?” and I say yes, but being that “Blogs” isn’t my real last name [I know you are shocked at this revelation], it was probably past time to build out

Run-on sentences are all the rage in 2012.

And listen, if you are anytime ever going to redo your website or your blog, call the dudes at Prolific. This whole experience has been a slam dunk. The internet is a challenging thing to lasso and bring under your control, and while it has bucked at us like a bronco a few times, these website cowboys never fell off.

Have a fun weekend, y’all.

. . . .

ACK! I almost forgot!!

Girls of Grace is doing 25% off of tickets in EVERY CITY…. but you have to buy this week!! So please please find the one closest to you and come hang out!!!

Ok, now. Have a fun weekend. 🙂

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