Christmas gift pack 2011!

Well, people. It is finally here.

I am so excited show you the AWESOME From Head to Foot Christmas Gift Pack for 2011! I called up a bunch of my buddies and got everybody together in Annie’s Christmas workshop and said, “let’s make the coolest Christmas gift pack ever.”

So we did.

If you have a girl in your life that is, ya know, 13-25 years old, and you like to buy her a Christmas present, you should get her this. She’ll be happy and clap and hug you and stuff. [That’s not a guarantee… my lawyer/mother says I shouldn’t make those.]

Here are the details:

The 2011 Christmas Gift Pack costs only $30 (that includes shipping for USA residents!).

The package includes :

An autographed copy of From Head to Foot… my book… you know… I wrote it.

An autographed copy of Matt Wertz’s new Christmas album Snow Globe

[You know I love Wertz. He’s such a good dude. But even if I didn’t, I would tell you- this album is GUH-REAT.]

One of a kind poppy pin … looks so cute on a backpack, headband, as a brooch or as a pin. With about 30 different fabrics and a few different designs, you can be assured that your poppy pin is totally unique! There are two clasps on the back… so you can either pin it or clip it!

[You know why? Because my friend Katie B, who made these AND is seen here wearing one of the poppys, thinks of everything. So clip and pin? Check and check.]

Cool *brand new* 11×17 poster!

This beautifully designed poster is bright and fun and has a memory verse for each chapter.

Such a great encouragement for girls to see on a daily basis!

[I am BEYOND excited about this poster… I mean, SUCH a cute addition to the AnnieBlogs world.]

. . . . .

So what I’m saying is….

BOOK + CD + PIN + POSTER + (random Christmasy things I find in my local Target) + SHIPPING = $30

Happiness in the eyes of your friend /child /granddaughter /amiga /roommate /girlfriend when they open this multi-faceted gift = I wanna say priceless, but actually, we both know that you paid $30 for that. So the answer still is… $30.

I’m tired, so I’m making dumb jokes.


Big thanks to Matt Wertz, Katie Edwards, Jordan Duncan, and Emily Keafer for helping make this Gift Pack happen.

Y’all have a great weekend… and if you wanna, feel free to pass this info along to anybody who you think may be looking to give a cool Christmas gift this year.

We have a limited amount of Christmas gift packs left [my newsletter peeps got first dibs], so hurry and order!

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