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For starters, I have gotten around a gazillion emails in the last 24 hours telling me how funny your comments were yesterday when we learned about/talked about hashtags. Well played, my friends. Well played. I should call on your humor more often because you straight up delivered.

I promised a prize. Let me tell you about the prize now.

I recently received this box in the mail, containing a few copies of 180.

What is 180? 180 is a collection of stories from “people who changed their lives by changing their minds,” or so the subtitle says. About a year ago, I was approached by The House Studio to contribute a chapter to this book.

And right up until I wrote Turning in July, this chapter I wrote was the greatest short piece I have ever done. I went through quite a few revisions and when they sent an email enthusiastically accepting the piece, I fist pumped for about twelve minutes. I am so.so.proud of this writing.

My chapter is very different from the other chapters. It was a risk, one of the most serious risks of my writing career, to write what I did. [I mean, most people wrote about things like theology, abortion, and the truth of the Bible. I wrote about fingernail polish.] And it was super scary and super exhilarating and I am proud to hold a book in my hands that has my writing on the inside.

And one of you gets a free copy! Because all the comments were rad, I just randomly picked one. So the winner is LESLIE RUTH!Congrats, Leslie Ruth! I’ll drop one of these puppies in the mail to you early next week. [Sorry- I’m moving tomorrow, so it will have to wait until after.]

Also, I feel the need to go ahead and share that if you love pumpkin spice things, please try the pumpkin hershey kisses. Please. It will bless your autumn and ruin your diet.

For the rest of you non-Leslie Ruths out there, you can purchase 180 from The House Studio. [Only buy it if you want it- don’t buy it because you love Annie. I’ll give you the chance to buy a book to support Annie, whether you really want it or not, later in 2010.]

So, what I’m saying is this- while this 180 thing is really awesome, it is not the #topsecretbookstuff that I mentioned yesterday. You’re gonna have to wait a bit longer for that. 🙂

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