What a fancy Friday.

I have two friends who call me “Fancy” and I don’t know if it is more an homage to my love for Reba or because I am, in fact, very fancy. But either way, it is deeply endearing.

[I tell you the weirdest things. I can’t help it. Sorry.]

There are three seriously awesome things about today. And I’m gonna tell you about all of them right now.


My baby sister graduates from Auburn University today. I literally cannot believe it. When I left for college, she was in 4th grade. It seems that I blinked and she’s now graduating herself. I could not be more proud and impressed with her ability to be a student and an adult. She’s awesome.

The best part? She’s leaving Auburn. And going to grad school at UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA. You know that old story of the prodigal son in the Bible? Yeah, we’re living it.

[Kidding, Sally. Don’t call me all mad and stuff. Ok? Ok.]

[Oh, and this isn’t your graduation gift. I actually have something for you. I promise.]


Ends today. Phew. Not that I’m tired of being healthy- I actually seriously like that part. But I will not miss weighing on television. I won’t miss weighing at all. But specifically weighing on TV.

I just wrote my final post at the Annie Gets Fit blog. Enjoy.

After our final weigh in this afternoon, I will be getting a manicure and a pedicure. Sure, that’s too much information, but we’ve already gone over that I tell you weird things. But I figure mani/pedi is a better use of my time and money than a trip to Golden Corral. [Am I right or am I right?]


I find out today whether or not I will be spending next week in New York City. [Here’s a quick reminder of why I would be in NYC with Seth Godin.] I have no inclination one way or the other. If I make it, I will be THU-RILLED and will begin to giggle immediately. If I don’t make it, I’ll be okay because my bestie Betsy will be in town next week and so I will get to see her.

So that makes for a seriously rad Friday. Hope your Friday is equally cool.

I’ll let y’all know when I know about Seth Godin. And I’ll let you know if I won the Get Fit Challenge on May 25th. [Sorry, gotta follow the rules.] And I’ll let you know if Sally leaves me an anger-filled voicemail on her graduation day.

PS- I made a video for SheSeeks yesterday about the Nashville floods and Compassion Intl and my shirt is all catawampus. So that’s cool [sarcasm].

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