March 2014 Birchbox


Birchbox has become one of my absolute favorite parts of each month. And, just to be clear, I doodled on the box top- it doesn’t always come like that. I’ve had a lot of conference calls lately, which is when I have found myself able to really improve my doodles. (I’m great at running a company. Can’t you tell?:) )

I’m not a great shopper for beauty products, so that’s why I giggle with joy every month when this little brown box shows up in my PO Box. It usually includes 5-ish sample sizes (or sometimes full sizes!) of new products in makeup, hair care, or skin care.

(Yes, subscription boxes are ALL THE RAGE right now and yes I wish I could subscribe to about 42 other ones. But for $10/month, Birchbox is the only one I’m inviting into my home at this current time.)

I personally am having some strong feelings about skin care lately, so I always scan for that first and foremost. But I also love makeup. And hair stuff. Okay fine I love it all.


Ooooh listen. I can’t wait to bust into this green lagoon colored eye liner. I’m not afraid. IT IS SPRING AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. I also love getting perfume.

Rabbit trail story…

I used to have this very favorite perfume that was a gift from a friend. Unfortunately, and this is more story than you care about, the perfume- well- apparently she had it for a while because when I used us the bottle and tried to replace it, the company no longer made the perfume. Sooooo all that to say, I decided to start wearing whatever the Birchbox people send me. Apparently this month, it’s “Not A Perfume,” which smells lovely.

Back off the trail….

And the Jergens BB Body lotion? YES PLEASE.

I fear the Supergoop a bit… but it’s always good for me when I receive a product that I actually have to read about to understand. Expanding my makeup knowledge every month, y’all. It’s takes smarts to be pretty, I like to say.

(No. I don’t. But I will now.)

If you’re looking for a fun cheap little treat for yourself, or a gift for a friend (girl or guy!), go for Birchbox.

Can’t wait to show you what I get in April!

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