As long as we’re talking about singleness…


I started the week talking a bit about life as a single woman, so I thought I’d continue the trend today and tell you about one of the most impactful experiences of my life.

Christmas 2014, some friends mentioned to me that they felt I should attend a conference on singleness. (And all the singles collectively rolled all the eyes. I know. Hang with me.) I can’t remember if I laughed or just threw hot coffee in their faces, but I was NOT INTERESTED. “Pray about it,” they said to me, “and just look at the website.

I didn’t want to go because:

  • I travel for my job and don’t often/ever travel to conferences just for funsies.
  • I didn’t want to go to a conference about being single forever. (Because. As you know. I don’t want to be single forever.)
  • I didn’t want to be vulnerable about this area of my life with anyone. Just to be honest.

I drove back to Nashville and that night, way later than I should have been making rational decisions, I found a Single Life Workshop event to attend that fit my schedule (miracle) and before I even knew what I was doing, I signed up (double miracle).

I can’t explain why I did it, but as I prayed, I knew deep in my guts that this was the right move for me.

And y’all. IT. WAS.

For starters, I didn’t spend 3.5 days talking about how to prepare for a life as a single person. Not at all.

We talked about freedom and relationships and healing old wounds and shame and love and sex and communication. It was insightful and beautiful and vulnerable and super hard and painful at times, if I’m just being honest. I circled up with the same eight people for the entire conference, so every time we prayed or had to spill our guts, it was to this same new family of friends who I grew to trust deeply. We dug in to the hard places and let God heal them. We prayed together and learned together and laughed a good bit, too.

When I left Virginia (where I attended the Single Life Workshop), I was a changed woman.

Truthfully, besides when I gave my life to Christ,

Single Life Workshop is probably the most influential experience of my spiritual life. 

I am freer because of it. I am more loving and kind and truthful because of it. The Holy Spirit did something in my life that week that cannot be undone, is who I was always meant to be, and has changed my future.

In fact, my Single Life Workshop booklet (seen above), travels with me EVERYWHERE (as you can probably tell) and is an anchor to the truths and healing and freedom that I received there over a year ago.

The reason I’m telling YOU about it is because a church I love and trust deeply, Riverstone Church in Kennesaw, GA, is hosting a Single Life Workshop in June and I think you should go. At the very least, I think you should pray about it. 🙂

Kennesaw SLW

(And if this particular date/location doesn’t work for you, there are others.)

I just know that with June, you can trust this church who is hosting. And you can trust the men and women who are leading the event, Jeremy and Justin specifically. (They led mine as well.) And you can trust the Holy Spirit to do for you exactly what you need in this season.

So if you’re single, check out Single Life Workshop. I promise the work and vulnerability is worth the massive blessings and freedom on the other side.

If you and I were getting coffee today, this post is what I would say to you. Go. Attend. BE BRAVE.

I’ll never be the same for what God did in me and for me those few days last March. And I’m so grateful to my friends who told me to go, and I want to be that friend to you.

. . . . .

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