Category: 31 Days of Jokes

Why jokes? And when I reached my limit.

Sunday morning. That’s when I reached my limit, when I realized that I had asked more of my body than it could sustain. Physically. Spiritually. Emotionally. All of it. In the last month or so, I’ve released a book, written and released a 30 Day Devotional, traveled nine different times, logged a bazillion air miles

Day 1: Accessorize.

This is my favorite joke of all time. Also, it’s one of the few jokes in the world that I legitimately have memorized and say it as often as possible. I know, I should start out with something slower and build to my favorite, but trust me- this whole month is going to be FUNNY,

It’s that time again…. 31 days!

Last year in October, I happily participated with Nester as she hosted 31 days. Living in Scotland and knowing what God was doing in my heart, it was super easy to know what I wanted to write about. I did 31 Days of Courage. It was super fun and really timely for me and it