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Afternoon Distraction : Stories We Tell

Lyndsay and I saw this documentary last night, Stories We Tell, and it is absolutely genius and heartbreaking and beautiful and redemptive and we both cried. So. There’s that. While this isn’t today afternoon distraction in it’s purest Annie-is-wasting-her-life-on-the-internet form, I have spent lots of time today reading up on this director and her other

Afternoon Distraction : Mr. Rogers

I’m not trying to get profound during an afternoon distraction, but seriously, Mr. Rogers is wise. “Are you discovering the truth about you? That’s what we do as we keep on growing in life.” Chew on that.

Afternoon Distraction : Golf with Jared

If you met Jared Miller, you would really like him. Watching him play Fungo Golf at Vanderbilt’s baseball stadium is the next best thing. He’s tall and funny. Two of my favorite things.