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Half way.

I remember when I ran/walked/crawled the half-marathon in March, I knew it was important to take a picture at the turn, at the halfway point. I don’t remember why I knew that, but I did. [I’m only going to link to the half-marathon post, versus reposting that picture because seriously. A girl has to have

Smile, Wednesday: Downton Abbey Premiere

[UPDATE: It is 2:23pm in Scotland and I am JUST realizing that today is Tuesday. Not Wednesday. Sorry. And weird.] I’ve been a lame blogger this week. Forgive me. But here are tons of pictures from our Crossroads Church Girls Dinner / Downton Abbey Premiere on Sunday night. Yep, Downton Abbey Season 2. I know.

Smile Wednesday: Tuesday edition.

Because we have some other things to discuss tomorrow. That’s why. And also. I like to keep you on your toes, people. You need to be ready for anything, any day, you just don’t know what I’m gonna throw your way. If you’ll recall, we did have a Top 5 Friday on a Saturday a

That kind of week.

It’s been that kind of week, in the best way. I don’t know how much I’ve told you about my role at Crossroads Edinburgh, but it kinda looks like this: take one part secretary and one part organizer, throw it in a blender with an events coordinator, a personal assistant, cruise director, and an interior

Faith pulls weeds.

I want to tell you about the ministry here in Edinburgh. I think you should know about the spiritual side of why I am here… it is why I am here. I want to tell you the absolutely amazing things that God is doing and the challenging things we are facing and the ways we

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

So the Fringe Festival ends this week, but not before I took some time on Saturday to show it to you! [You’re welcome. I know how you people like your vlogs.] A few things: 1. Have you noticed that I rarely, if ever, let you watch a video without a zillion prefaces first? It’s still

When it rains all day, I make lists.

Which probably means that I will be making a load of lists here in Scotland because 1. It rains, at some point, almost every day. Only the most foolish leave their house without an umbrella, even if it is sunny. 2. Ahem… not that I know what that’s about. 3. Right now, along with tons

The sounds of that time.

I woke up this morning and as the rain beat my window and my iCal was clear, I decided to play the “I love being single and not having anyone need me right now so I am going to stay in my bed” card. And I played it well, my friends. I love music, but

Letters I can’t read.

One of my last nights in Nashville, Lyndsay and her roomies threw me a HAPPY BIRTH-BYE PARTY! [The classic combo of birthday + goodbye party.] It was such a sweet night. Many of our friends came together and we laughed and chatted and sweat to death because GOOD GRACIOUS JULY IS HOT. And behind my back,

A Royal Wedding in Edinburgh!

So in case you didn’t know, there was a royal wedding today in Edinburgh. Zara Phillips, Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, married Mike Tindall, England’s Rugby team captain. [And GRACIOUS if you see his face you can tell that man plays a hard hitting sport. Yowsa.] And since it was a gorgie-poo day in Edinburgh, and since