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FRIENDS! I just had to tell you. Both my ebooks for teens/young women are on MAJOR SALE LIKE WHOA KIND OF SALE today! . . . . . Perfectly Unique . . . . . Speak Love  . . . . . Literally for less than a grande no water soy chai at Starbucks, you

Speak Love Gift Guide

If you are Santa (you aren’t. Santa is real.), then I want to be your elf. For the next few days, I want to help you. If you are going to gift one of my little books, I want to share with you some easy things that go along with the book, in case you

2014 Bookplates!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…… BOOKPLATES! No joke. For three years running now this has become one of my very.favorite.things. Autographed books as Christmas gifts are awesome. Unfortunately, unless you live on my street in Nashville, I can’t personalize each book. BUT. I can mail you a signed bookplate that sticks inside

31 Books: Speak Love (book #3)

[Going ahead and knocking my books out so that we can catch up on the 31 books. Don’t hate. 🙂 ]   Title: Speak Love . . . . . Author: Annie F. Downs (meeeeeeee!) . . . . . What the book is about: You’ve heard, “Think before you speak” a hundred times, and probably

Book Clubs!

So here’s a fun idea. Let’s read Perfectly Unique and/or Speak Love together!  Watch the video below for more details! So…. to sum it up: –> There will be two online book clubs this spring that run from February 6-May 1. –> Each week, I will send a video out to each book club (one

Christmas Conundrum and e-cards.

Here’s my problem. I love Christmas cards. Like, I love them so much. I love snail mail. I love seeing beautiful pictures of my friends and family. I love the handwriting on the outside of the envelope. I love displaying them across the garland in my dining room. But I have yet to have the

2013 Bookplates!

OH friends. This may become my favorite holiday tradition- BOOKPLATES! So for anyone who is gifting Perfectly Unique or Speak Love, I’d love to autograph it for your gal! And it won’t cost you anything except a few stamps! . . . . . Here’s what you have to do to get one: 1. Fill out


Alright, friends! HERE WE GO! For today and today only, we’re doing 30% off everything in the store and FREE SHIPPING! The prices have already been changed and shipping is goneski, so no code needed or any crazy jazz like that. There are limited supplies for every item, so the quicker the better if you

Please steal my books.

As I told you yesterday- The Speak Love Kindle edition is only $0.99! Like 99 pennies. Seriously. So hop over to Amazon (or your favorite online retailer) and download that puppy before the deal goes away. I can’t imagine it will ever be this cheap again. And while you’re at it… The Perfectly Unique Kindle

Random Holiday Thoughts

Oh friends. I hope you had a really lovely Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s something I learned: my family loves Duck Dynasty. We watched a lot of Duck Dynasty and football and Elf. Also, as my first dairy-free/gluten-free holiday, I survived just fine. No big deal. My mother made a turkey that would just bless you and