Cheap ebooks!


I just had to tell you.

Both my ebooks for teens/young women are on MAJOR SALE LIKE WHOA KIND OF SALE today!

. . . . .

Perfectly Unique

. . . . .

Speak Love

 . . . . .

Literally for less than a grande no water soy chai at Starbucks, you can have both of these resources on your e-reader! BOO. YAH.

FOUR DOLLARS. Two cents less, to be precise. $3.98. FOR TWO FULL BOOKS.

Get. You. Some.

(And actually, my people at Zondy have put soooo many books on sale this week, so if I was you, I’d set a little budget- maybe $10?- and grab a handful of them. Actually, if my calculations are correct, you can get the whole lot of them for $22. Wowie zowie.)

Hope this makes your Monday a little brighter! 🙂

. . . . .

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