Happy birthday to me– and a gift for YOU!

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Well. I’m 34 and it feels so good. (Thanks for all your kind words online today, by the way. As you probably have guessed words are my love language, so having the internet fill will lovely words from friends is enough to make my heart burst.)

And welcome to the new blog and website! Feel free to play around, but know that the deeper you go, the more chance you’ll have of finding a page that I haven’t quite finished. Sorrrryyy!! I’ll share more about it in the coming days.

. . . . .

You guys. Zondervan went and got all celebratory today and I am BEYOND EXCITED to share with you a special pre-order deal that they have set up!

Read below, order your copies, and then email us the receipt! PARTY ON, PEOPLE!!

. . . . .


If you PRE-ORDER one (1) copy of Let’s All Be Brave before Monday, July 14, you will receive:

  • A Let’s All Be Brave downloadable print ($10.00 value). It’s super cool and I’m already framing mine in my house. We’ll email you the print and you can just throw a piece of card stock in your printer and blah-dow! Cool poster to go with the book! (Great for a gift if you are gifting Let’s All Be Brave to someone!)

If you PRE-ORDER two (2) or more copies of Let’s All Be Brave before Monday, July 14, you will receive:

  • A Let’s All Be Brave downloadable print ($10.00 value).
  • A Let’s All Be Brave downloadable group discussion guide. ($10.00 value). Great for getting together and chatting about what you read in the book and how you want to implement some new brave moments in your life.

If you PRE-ORDER five (5) or more copies of Let’s All Be Brave before Monday, July 14, you will receive:

  • A Let’s All Be Brave downloadable print ($10.00 value).
  • A Let’s All Be Brave downloadable group discussion guide. ($10.00 value).
  • A 15-minute Skype session with me and your group of friends that you share the book with! I am personally BEYOND EXCITED about the idea of you and four friends reading the book and then getting together with your coffee mugs and books and us chatting for a bit!

. . . . .


This offer is only valid Monday, July 7, through Monday, July 14. It will end at Midnight, Pacific Time, on Monday, July 14. To receive the bonus or bonuses (depending on your pre-order), you must do the following:

1. Pre-order Let’s All Be Brave from your favorite online retailer or local bookseller (you know I love local bookstores- so go there if you can!).

Amazon: http://bit.ly/letsallbebrave
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/Uodfwr
ChristianBook.com: http://bit.ly/UodfMH

2. Email a copy of your receipt. Simply forward an image of the paid receipt from your online or local bookseller to [email protected]. Provide your name, email address, and what you purchased. Even if you’ve already bought it- find that receipt in your inbox and send it over!!

That’s all there is to it.

SO FUN, right?!!? I’m dying with happy about the whole thing.

Once your receipt is received at [email protected], you will get an email reply acknowledging your request. Within 48 hours, you will receive another email with a link to the Let’s All Be Brave Poster and/or Group Discussion Guide Download Page. And if you buy 5 copies- we’ll go ahead and schedule our Skype date! WOOT!

Remember, this offer is only available for purchases made BEFORE Monday, July 14, up to Midnight, Pacific Time. However, you have 30 days after July 14 to submit your receipt to [email protected] After August 13, this email address will no longer be available.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! What a super sweet gift- to be able to give you prizes! 🙂

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