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Christmas Conundrum and e-cards.

Here’s my problem. I love Christmas cards. Like, I love them so much. I love snail mail. I love seeing beautiful pictures of my friends and family. I love the handwriting on the outside of the envelope. I love displaying them across the garland in my dining room. But I have yet to have the

How To Deal With Molded Ornaments.

I hope this never happens to you. Those are my ornaments. That I have been collecting for all the years of my life. And they are molded. So this is them, still in their disgustingly molded container. I’m going to tell you what happened quickly so we can move on with our lives: My plastic

Behold the Lamb of God

Thank you for your sweet comments yesterday.You are good to me. Thanks for speaking truth that I couldn’t find on my own. There are some shows in Nashville that I have been hearing about since I moved up.  Some shows are epic, year after year, or whenever the particular band comes to town, and you

I’m eating the broken pieces right now.

Mmmm…… chocolate covered pretzels.  And oh so fancy looking.  [The bizarro tint to this photo is because I took the picture while they were in the fridge.  Why I didn’t just take them out for a moment is a question for the ages.] This is my favorite Christmas treat to make. Well, that being said,