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Girls of Grace in GEORGIA!

This is so exciting to me. Truly, Girls of Grace is one of the best events I’ve ever gotten to be a part of. It’s like this little family that gets to tell teen girls and their mamas and their leaders about Jesus. And for the first time since I’ve been a part of the


You know those songs that just hit you the first time you hear them and you’re all HOW DID NO ONE ALREADY WRITE THIS BECAUSE IT IS PERFECT AND WONDERFUL AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR IT?!? Right. So that’s how I feel about Wanted by Dara Maclean. [And probably Wanted by Hunter Hayes as well,

Marshmallow bricks.

For starters, let me apologize for the silence the last few days. If you keep up with me on instagram, you know I spent last week in Orlando at the Youth Leader Experience and Rock The Universe. [Which, good gravy Rock The Universe has already got it’s 2014 website up and I haven’t even finished

My Week In Phoenix and Portland

So one of my favorite things about Girls of Grace are the Youth Leader Luncheons. Lemme explain. A few months before our event in each city, a few of us get to go to the church where we will be having the Girls of Grace event and meet up with a group of youth pastors

Testify to Love.

You know those songs that you kinda grow up with and love and they reside in a special place in your heart? I have a few of those tucked away in my heart and when I hear them on the radio just causes an emotional reaction long before I can even prepare myself. Such as,

Girls of Grace: The Beautiful Truth

This weekend in San Antonio was our last Girls of Grace event of the season. You know I’m an emoter, I tend to feel things LIKE REALLY FEEL THINGS, and I don’t like when things end. I spent most of Saturday feeling things- watching all the lasts, taking it all in, fighting with all my

Write a note. Words give life.

I have a whopper of a weekend ahead of me. Tonight and tomorrow night, I get to speak to a few hundred girls at Camp No Boys Allowed [hilarious] through Fellowship Bible Church here in Nashville. Smack in the middle of Camp No Boys Allowed, GIRLS OF GRACE NASHVILLE! [You know how I feel about

Some things you interview me about.

So today, I think you should interview me. Ready? Go. . . . . . Hey Annie. What were you doing in Grand Rapids yesterday? Well, that’s not really what today’s post is about, but I’ll tell ya. I was getting to meet with a bunch of youth pastors that will be bringing girls to

The smell of steak.

So here’s a thing. At each Girls of Grace event, Chris Wheeler gives an awesome talk about boys versus men, and waiting on the right guy, and he uses the comparison of beef jerky and steak. He tells the girls to “wait for steak.” And, sorry if I’m ruining this for anyone, but he cooks

Things you need to know about Charlotte.

Recap posts. I like them. And you are welcome, I took a lot of pictures this weekend. First, let me say, I am absolutely in heaven being a part of Girls of Grace. And the Point of Grace women are so kind to me and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be friends forever. The crew