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It’s the little things, people.

In January of 2007 I saw a beautiful shower curtain and shower curtain hooks at Target. I remember clearly that they were on the end of the aisle, deeply on sale. I’m talking a red sticker with another red sticker on top. If I remember correctly [and let’s be honest, when it comes to sales,

Positive Post Tuesday

Welcome to Positive Post Tuesday. This is a regular thing over at Brody’s blog, but he’s a giver, so he’s passing it around.  [And apparently that makes me a taker.  Whoopsie daisy.] Speaking of givers, I’ve got one to talk about today.  My friend Kathleen.  You know her- she helped me make a quilt. Let

Put some faces with some names.

Y’all.  Frothy Monkey is my local coffee shop.  Come on!  Remember?  It was in a Nash-video. Anyways, here’s the best thing about this time of year, or so I’m told.  All the dudes and Lady Antebellums that go out on tours for the other eleven or so months of the year are home.  So that