We need to talk about Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

It was a cold cold day in February when the roommate and I decided that if we were gonna be snowed in, we were starting a show on Netflix that would could binge and binge hard.

People have told me for years that they thought I’d love Friday Night Lights since I’m a sports lovin’ gal and I think teenagers are cool and since dramatic family television is my favorite (think Parenthood or Gilmore Girls or 7th Heaven or The Waltons or anything on Hallmark). I actually don’t know why I hadn’t ever started the show, but I didn’t.

Until that fateful day in February.

And now, Roomie and I are 1/3 of the way through Season 4 (there are 5 seasons total) and we are equal parts rushing through because we want to see every episode and taking it slow because we never want it to end.


And Coach Taylor. Gracious. I like that guy. I have some issues with his daughter Julie’s behavior, but I like her. And I just love that Tami.

(Random sidenote. Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) is now on a television show called Nashville that is based, wait for it, in Nashville. So she and many of the cast live here in town. In fact, Connie and I live less than a mile apart and cross paths often. Not a big deal to me in 2014- fun to see her and her perfect hair around town, but eh, no biggie. But NOW? NOW SHE IS TAMI TAYLOR AND I CANNOT BE COOL AROUND HER. So I avoid her in public. End of sidenote.)

Speaking of Tami Taylor, she has GOT to quit listening to the local radio station every morning on her drive to school. I’m like, “Come on, Dillion, Texas! Surely you have at least ONE OTHER radio station!” because how horrible would it be to hear people calling in about you and your husband and y’all’s job performance. Woof. No thanks.

Smash Williams. Love him.

East Dillon. Hard switch from blue to red, but I think I can get behind it. Go Lions.

Lyla Garrity. The child needs counseling so bad it isn’t even funny. But I wish her the best of luck at Vandy! And her dad. Y’all. Somebody put Buddy Garrity in counseling immediately. The man has got ISSUES FOR DAYS.

Jason Street. His storyline lasted waaaaaay longer than it needed to. Bless him.

TIM RIGGINS. Texas forever, Tim.

Matt Saracen. Sigh. What a nice kid. I love him to pieces.

Landry Clarke. Well my word, son, you’ve become one of my favorite characters on the show. I didn’t see that coming in episode 1, but I’m glad for it.

JD McCoy. I don’t have space for you in my life.

Tyra. God bless her. I hope she’s a successful adult.

Friday Night Lights. Please last forever and ever amen.

These are my thoughts.

Without it being a spoiler party down in the comments (please please please don’t spoil the ending for me), tell me how you feel about Friday Night Lights! Have you watched it? Do you LOVE it? Sad it’s over? Ready to start it for the first time? 


. . . . .



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