Catalyst // Thursday

Don’t be mad when I tell you that at time of writing, it is still Thursday night.

I have just gotten back to the hotel and I’m sitting on my bed, in the quiet, tears streaming down my face. It has been that type of day.

I have lots of pictures, but they are on my phone and sorry to tell you, I’m a writer. And I want to write about today.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but I’m officially here as Anne Jackson’s assistant. You know, the coffee-getting, purse-carrying, protect-her-from-creepos kind of assistant. It’s been a joy. It has not been work at all but instead, it has allowed me to serve my friend. To watch over her and care for her and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Anne was officially hosting Seth Godin, which means she walks him from Point A to Point B and Point B to stage to lunch, you get it. So the three of us, and Seth’s assistant Ishita, palled around all day. Seth is a strong voice in my life, a mentor for sure. So to hug his neck, talk of my plans (that have failed and succeeded) and catch up was a real gift.

Scott Harrison spoke again today, from the main stage. Be still my beating NPO heart. It was awesome and moving and he commanded that room of 13,000. My biggest takeaway from his talk was that our world is in need and I have too much stuff.

Next was Daniel Pink. I had not heard of him. He is a business dude, and I thought he was cool and probably significantly smarter than me. My biggest takeaway from his talk is that I need to start doing my own monthly performance reviews at Mocha Club and in my writing career. And ask myself, “Was I better today than yesterday?”

Seth Godin was next. He was great. As usual. Really reminding us in the work force that we don’t have to look like everyone else, that failures are a part of success, and that being generous is always a good choice. Be willing to experiment and fail. Pretty much, he’s awesome.

Then I got to hear my girl Beth Moore. I just adore her and contribute so much of my writing career path to her inspiration. [Someday I’ll tell you that story.] She said this and I hope it sticks with me forever: “Don’t surrender to an area of work or ministry, just surrender to God. Hold tightly to Him and nothing else.” That’s a good word, Beth. A good word.

Then. Then. Francis Chan. I don’t even know what to say. He totally messed up my life. He spoke on how the Bible tells us to treat the poor. This one is hard to recap because my heart is still gently bubbling and boiling and I think Jesus and I have some things to work out before I can really talk about what he said. My takeaway? I just want to be like Jesus. That’s it. I want to know Him and brag about knowing Him. I want to live in a way that people see Jesus. I want to be free to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead and I want my life to be marked by courage and kindness.

So. That’s that.

I have deeply loved this experience. I’ve learned a ton and made some great connections. I’ve gotten to see so many friends, hug so many necks, laugh with my normal Nashville peeps [like Katy, Jeremy, Lindsey, Spence], and reconnect with some friends from other parts of my life. I even got to see one person who used to be a very close friend but things are broken. It was good and hard and needed and I hope someday we’ll be okay.

Sadly, I don’t get to go to Catalyst tomorrow. But on the upside- Seth is having a day long seminar in Atlanta, complete with free books, sushi, networking, and vegan desserts. So I’ll be there, hob-knobbing with other linchpins, and

Sorry these posts have been wordy. Forgive my long-windedness. [Try talking to me in real life sometime. It’s just as bad. Maybe worse.]

Happy Friday. 🙂

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