I love Edinburgh in the autumn.

That is absolutely NOT how the song goes. Anyways….

I had a profound experience in Scotland when I was there in January/February. [Here’s a post about why I went to Scotland– just in case you need/want a recap.]

I don’t remember the day of said profound experience, but I remember where I was. There is a park on the southern edge of the University of Edinburgh campus. They call it The Meadows. Crisscrossing the Meadows are a series of sidewalks and bike paths.

I was walking there, not really knowing if I was going in the right direction or not [shocker], but I was following the path.

In a rare moment of still, when the wind wasn’t blowing and there was no rain in the air, I knew Edinburgh was home.

Not my only home. Not my forever home.

But home.

I may have cried right there on The Meadows sidewalk.

It wasn’t long until I saw what that would look like. Not in a visible live-here-walk-here-coffee-shop-here kind of way, but in a heart way.

So I’m leaving home to go home.

I’m getting weepy thinking about it. About the loss of my time here in Nashville, about leaving my friends and family, about the beauty of Edinburgh and the way my soul leaps when I think about that place and those people. This heart-tearing confusion makes me cry.

Anddddd….. breathe.

I think you’re going to have to take over here. Would you mind just interviewing me? Thanks.

When will you be in Scotland?

July – November.

What will you be doing?

For one week in July, I will be speaking at the RiverStone/Potter’s House Youth Camp.

For the rest of the time, I will be working with Crossroads Church in Edinburgh to help reach out to unchurched university students. I will also be helping plan fun activities that build community in this young church as well as meeting administrative needs and social media needs while I’m there. [my hobby is organization, remember?]

Will you still be writing?

It’s like breathing. So yes I will. Unless I’m underwater.

Are you a “missionary”?

I am no more a missionary to Edinburgh than I was a missionary to Nashville than I am a missionary on this ol’ blog. Will I live in such a way that other people hopefully see the love and joy of a life fully abandoned to Jesus Christ? I plan on it.

Officially, I am considered a short term missionary through Riverstone Church.

Are you sad to leave your community in Nashville?

Don’t even get me started.

But do you like your friends in Scotland?

Absolutely, which is about the only reason I’m willing to leave Nashville. Well, that and God making His plan for my life pretty clear and that plan involving a season in Edinburgh.

So. There’s that. You can keep up with my writings specifically about Scotland here.

Finally, thank you. Thank you for giving me the courage to live a life that is far different [better?] than anything I could dream up. I hope that somehow, by reading along or giving a few bucks or just being my friend, some of that courage leaks off this screen into your heart.


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