If I can make it there, …..

then it will be a miracle because you know I have THE WORST sense of direction of all time and I have to take a car to a plane to a plane to a taxi to a subway to a train.

I bet that you can guess by the post title where I am today [New York City!].

And why I was so MIA last week [work + tutoring during finals + prepping for NYC!].

No, there is not a parade that I’ve dreamt of attending for 29 years and no, I am not giving that Peruvian restaurant on the Upper West Side another chance to turn me inside out. [See NYC ’09 post here.]

I am going to meet with Seth Godin.

Seth Godin is considered America’s greatest marketer. He writes lots of books I find HUGELY helpful in my life and my professional career(s). He has a blog that is great. And he’s smart. Really smart.

And at 4pm EST today, I’ll be sitting in a room with him, discussing all things marketing, probably talking about the Mocha Club, and possibly going over the fact that HEY I KEEP GETTING MARKETING-LIKE JOBS BUT I DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT MARKETING (but I want to) SO TEACH ME PLEASE.

And by “don’t know everything.” I mean, “I’m a former elementary school teacher who was trained in many-a-thing, none having to do with social media marketing in 2010.”

Seth is hosting a seminar for 11 people in New York mid-May and I am one of the 22 finalists trying to get one of the 11 seats around his desk.

I’m pretty thrilled to just get 1 seat today, but it would be rad for me to have that same seat in a few weeks to learn. learn. learn.

I’m wearing my pink cardigan because pink goes well with my skin tone- pale. I’m bringing my laptop, mainly because it looks important, not because I plan on showing him any of my facebook albums. I’m staying on the same street as Magnolia Bakery and somehow, by the grace of God alone, I will not have a cupcake.

I am going to have a really good time- in the interview, on the train, with my friend Sara Beth, walking down the streets.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to see New York again in a few weeks.

[And. Your prayers would be appreciated. For the travel. For the interview. For the etc. that comes to your mind. Gracias.]

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Stay up to date with our weekly newsletter. It’s all things fun with Annie.