Out of my control.

So the book is turned in. And it is now officially out of my control.

Praise the Lord.

And to be real honest with you, it was a bit anti-climactic. I mean, “yay! I pushed send on an email and now the book is gone into cyberspace.”

For you possible future authors, let’s talk deets.

I don’t know if I’ve told y’all this. But when you pick Westbow, first you talk with a supervisor. I talked to Richard. [When you decide to self-publish and when you pick Westbow, ask for Richard. He’s really REALLY good at his job. And he’s a great guy. So. Tuck that nugget of wisdom in your back pocket.]

So Richard and I picked the plan I wanted and then he turned me over to Echo. Yep, her name is Echo. Echo is a check-in coordinator. [Titles are funny to me.] So, Echo is the one who has been calling me and emailing me and making sure that I’m on track. Pretty much, Echo emails me and says, “So Annie, you said the book would be done on the 15th. Today is the 25th. Love, Echo.”

Not really. But sorta.

She makes sure all the files I turn in are correctly formatted and filled out and when I call her and say, “Hey Echo, this is Annie. I have a gazillion questions. Are you busy?” she always says no. Which I appreciate.

So. Friday I called Echo and said, “ECHO! WE ARE A GO!”

She said, “Turn that puppy in!”

I said, “YOU’VE GOT MAIL!”

She said, “Atta girl, Downs!”

[No. She didn’t. But I would have loved if she did.]

Echo actually said, “I will have you in production by early Monday morning!”

And…. I don’t know what that means.

[She’s awesome as well. So you should say, “Richard, now that you and I have talked, can Echo be my check-in coordinator?”]

[Want more info on Westbow? Feel free to CLICK HERE or the button on the right.]

Today Richard and I will chat and talk about when the book will be ready and how much it will cost and exactly what I do now. Cause I’m not really sure, but I’ll update you when the next step begins.

But I am super super happy.

The design is gorgeous. The layout is perfect. And my heart is thu-rilled.

This is a total dream come true. And I’m grateful to Westbow for making it happen.

I know you have seen the cover, but I also want you to see the back cover. Lyndsay Rush wrote it. Yeah, she’s a total genius and does beautiful things with words. And I’m grateful to Hillary and Shannon for endorsing the book. And thanks to Jeremy for taking the pic and making me look like a stunna’.

And. Obviously. Emily is the greatest designer that has ever lived.

I guess this is the best way to tell you what the book is about as well. That is convenient.

[Click on it- you can read it way easier.]

[UPDATE:: There are 2-3 grammatical errors that have been fixed. I put up an old cover on accident. So worry not, my friends. The back cover will have no errors. I hope….]

UM. By the way. Please tell me you notice the BIRD on the back cover?!?!

You don’t think I’d publish a book without making sure Mr. Darcy (the bird) is involved, do you?

Of course not. 🙂

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