THAT’S what I call a weekend.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days and I’m so happy about it.

Friday morning, I popped down to London and visited for a bit with Grant and Lucy, some friends from UGA that are living there. It was fun and we talked through some cultural challenges we have all dealt with. [Just because we speak English certainly doesn’t mean we aren’t foreigners. We are. Big time.]

Then I met up with my bestie Betsy and her grandmother [henceforth called “Nonny”] and a bunch of Betsy-cousins. Nonny loves her some London and loves her granddaughters and loves me enough that she took us all to see Wicked.

Holy moly. Have you seen this show? I was dying of happy. I laughed. I teared up. I sighed. I mean, it was seriously some of the best singing I’ve ever heard.

I’m totally stinkin’ hooked on Rachel Tucker. My word that woman has got some pipes. And the storyline of Wicked is so smart. If you’ve not read the book or seen the play, I can’t recommend it enough.

So we all floated in amazement back to the hotel Friday night and then Betsy and I were up early on Saturday and back on the train up to Edinburgh!

[I am BESIDE MYSELF that one of my absolute besties in the world is seeing my Edin-life. It is such a joy and so kind of her and I’m having an absolute blast.]

We arrived just in time to get changed and head out the door with Esther to see ADELE.

Yes. The Adele.

I know. You’re freaking out. I am too, still, almost 40 hours later.

Here’s how it happened:

My very first Nash-friend Jason is the tour manager for The Civil Wars. [You may/may not remember Jason. Here’s my favorite post involving him. A refresher course in my two Jasons, if you will.] So The Civil Wars are doing a small tour through the UK including a stop in Edinburgh. I was like, “whoa. One of my Jasons AND one of my favorite bands coming to Edinburgh?”

And then I blacked out for a few minutes due to overwhelming gratitude.

So Jason offers tickets to The Civil Wars show because he knows I like them a lot and I’m all, “sure, can I get three- so Betsy and Esther can go too?” and he’s all, “Sure, but they’re just opening” and I’m all, “that’s cool. Who is the headliner?” and he’s all, “Adele.”

And then everything went black again.

You see, I was supposed to see Adele in Nashville in June with Betsy and then she got sick and rescheduled for OCTOBER and I was heartbroken to miss the show. And I think it is no exaggeration to say that Jesus brought that show [+ Betsy] to Edinburgh on Saturday night just for me.

[Well. Small exaggeration. Maybe.]

Anyways. So out of the kindness of Jason’s heart, we got three tickets. And we were thuh-rilled.

The Civil Wars put on an amazing show- too short, if you ask me, but they are openers and I respect that. Then the center of attention [for us at least] turned to an audience member standing beside Betsy who was so drunk she couldn’t stand up. And she was probably mid-40s? Super impressive, lady. Then she left. So that was good.

Then it was Adele. And O to the M to the GOSH. She was insane. I mean, every bit of emotion in the record was poured out on stage like some sort of offering. I haven’t been dumped lately and yet her heartache songs made me feel like getting all weepy. I didn’t… exactly.

And here is one of my favorite moments from the night. I couldn’t/wouldn’t pick a VERY favorite moment, but this was high ranking.

I mean, the backdrop with the lampshades? Don’t EVEN get me started.

So we floated home from that as well. And I’m still in awe. She is one talented human.

Then we had a lovely Sunday, including having the Crossroads girls over for Episode 2 of Downton Abbey. I didn’t float home after that, simply because we meet at my house.

But I would have. Oh yes. I would have.

Phew… good times, y’all. Good times.

How was your weekend?

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