4th Semi-Annual Small Group Snoozle!

Since they were just baby freshmen, my college small group girls have spent the night at my house on the last night of the semester.

Little sweet freshmen sleeping.

Deliciously unhealthy snacks.

The most fun plans.

But they are growing up. No longer living in dorms, thinking it would be great just to sleep in a house. Some have moved away, one is hitched, some had to work early the next morning, one is studying abroad, all live in a real house with a comfy bed.

Times, they have been a-changin’.

But they still showed up with snacks and sleeping bags and happy hearts.

the gals

Aren’t they the cutest? Such grown-ups.

So we exchanged ornaments [as you know] and snacked. We were soft drink free, but we drank down some Everly.


I’ve told you about Everly before- it’s a drink mix with natural ingredients and no calories and tons of flavor. I heart them mucho. I instagrammed about it and the dudes at Everly asked to be the official drink of Small Group Snoozles, which I guess that means we have our first official party sponsor. I dig.

A lot of you have mentioned wanting to try Everly, so the guys said that if you will use the code SNOOZLE when you order your own Everly and get free shipping (in the USA)! Pretty awesome. [The code lasts until December 31, just FYI.]

So we ate and drank and laughed and prayed and talked about our dreams for 2014. Then I surprised the girls and we headed off to the late showing of Frozen.

Um. Have y’all seen this movie? It is absolutely one of the best- I MEAN BEST- Disney movies ever. And, because we went to the last movie showing on a Tuesday night, we owned that joint.

theater gals

I mean. My people. Aren’t they hilarious?

And now they go home for Christmas. And when they come back, some will be seniors, all will be working while in school, our study-abroader will be home, and they will be on the downhill slide towards graduation.

If you need me, I’ll be over here feeling terribly sentimental for the next 12-18 months.

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