Behind the Scenes: Big Girl TV.

I make jokes when I feel awkward and uncomfortable. Like now, in the blog title. Talking about the Subway Get Fit Challenge.

I’ve had more conversations, face to face, about my weight in the last 3 weeks than I ever dreamed. I’ve looked in the eyes of my friends, knowing they know THE NUMBER, and had to remind myself that they love me anyways.

But an old [Biblical] truth has again proved true: when light invades the dark, the dark is no longer so scary. So I can have these conversations and email exchanges, and watch as my weight is part of my title across the bottom of the screen, because something is slowly changing.

This private shame is becoming a public piece of art.

Or something like that. Whatever it is, I’m growing to be okay with it. Keep praying, friends. Your prayers are my courage oxygen.

Enough serious talk. Sheesh.

The best thing about being on TV [the list is long, my friends, because I don’t know if you have heard, but hello I’ve always wanted to be on TV] is that in the same studio where we film our segments is the studio kitchen.


You can imagine.

I made many recommendations to my friend Jenny (the producer) on how and why she should give me a cooking show. Or just any show in general.

Then I proceeded to take this photograph.

I think you AnnieBlogs local yokels know that look on my face. That look says “Give me time and I’ll be standing here for realz.”

That look also says, “I’ve got a plan a-brewin’.”

Be afraid, Channel 4 producer Jenny, be very afraid. 🙂

And since More at Midday is not online, I get really technical [yeah right] and flip-cammed my segment today. So enjoy.

Some thoughts:

1. I think Jennifer (the host) and I are going to be BFFs.

2. Why the drum-roll when they show my weight? Wrong sound effect, dudes. I would have preferred something like a “whah whah” or a tugboat horn or a slot machine. Or a crowd of gasps.

3. “I can walk just to walk”? I am nothing short of profound.

4. I like that she called me an author. Cause that makes me seem way more legit than “Annie has a lot of jobs.” Though, technically, both are true.

5. 4:37 = awkward lean in. I don’t know why I did it.

Check out the Annie Gets Fit blog today for a new post where I get possibly too honest about this whole journey.

Have a great day, y’all. I’m more grateful for you than you could ever know.

Much love.

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