Cheaters actually do sometimes win.

Confessions of a Get Fit Challenge Star: I cheated.

A few days ago, I was at Lyndsay and Lauren’s house. Strangely enough, someone had delivered a King Cake to their place. Now, these girls are from Chicago, so they really haven’t experienced a true Southern Lent Season Kickoff [also known as Mardi Gras]. The basics, like what a King Cake is and what is inside the King Cake [small plastic baby] were things that the girls didn’t know.

Me being faithful to the Get Fit Challenge and all, I was not intending to have even a bite of the King Cake. Because hello CHEATERS NEVER WIN. And I want to win.

But then, the girls left me alone in the kitchen. With the forks. With the King Cake. A talking King Cake that says things like, “You are so pretty. Eat one bite.” and “No big deal, Annie, you exercised today.” and “Look me in the face and say you aren’t in love with me.”

What’s a girl to do, I ask you. I’m not superwoman. I can’t be expected to be stronger than a PASTRY COVERED IN ICING!

I pulled out a fork, and making a solemn vow to never mention this cheating moment, I scooped out a little cake and a LOT bit of icing.

[I’m betting you can guess what happened next….]

I put the fork in my mouth, savoring every high calorie moment, quickly and quietly so the girls don’t know. Until I bit down. On something hard.


I mean, seriously, y’all. What are the chances that I sneak ONE BITE and it is the ONE BITE containing the baby?!?

I had some options:

  1. I could rinse the baby off and return it to the cake, no harm no foul.
  2. I could throw the baby in the trash can [or maybe swallow it because shame knows no boundaries]. The girls don’t know anyways.
  3. I could confess to my friends, have to not only explain WHY there is a plastic baby in my mouth but also what that means and how I now have to purchase the 2011 King Cake.

You know me well enough to know that I would THROW UP if I tried to swallow that plastic baby with its legs and arms all flailed about. So I confessed.

And they laughed. A lot.

Then took a picture.

[My face in this picture says, “I’ll take this picture because it’s funny. But more than funny, I’m mortified. Amen.”]

Y’all have a great weekend. And please. Be strong against high pressure pastries. Or this could be you.

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