Get Fit Challenge :: The Wrap-up

Here’s the thing. The Get Fit Challenge officially ended 2 weeks ago, but I wasn’t allowed to talk about it. I know. No greater challenge exists for me than keeping good fun-time secrets.

So in order to not break any rules and get disqualified, I blocked it from my bloggy-mind. Then all the sudden you guys reminded me [over and over again, you sweet caring bloggites] that I hadn’t told you how it ended.

It ended.

And I lost 19 pounds.

I can’t even begin to unpack for you all the beautiful things that happened on the inside during this 15 week period. I think, over the next few months, I will be better able to talk about this whole thing.

For now I can tell you this- I absolutely loved being on television [no one is shocked] and I hope that part of my life gets to continue in some ways. On the other hand, I did not love having people approach me in the grocery store/restaurants to talk about the Challenge, though that was massively motivating.

Here’s the pressure I feel right now, and I’m just going to be dead honest with you. I feel this pressure to write something REALLY profound and life-changing that will make you decide to change how you live- some sort of inspirational speech that makes you cry and motivates you to step into that scary thing that seems too big to handle.

And I can’t do that.

Just like only you can prevent forest fires [that’s true], only you can decide when you are tired of living in whatever swamp your heart and life are in. I can’t tell you more about my swamp exit and expect that to make you want to leave yours.

So I’m not going to try.

I wrote a blog post on Annie Gets Fit that I think says my heart pretty well. And also this Subway video is a major win. Tells exactly what I’ve been experienced.

But here, I just want to thank you.

Thanks oh thanks for all your kind words, emails, and support through this process. When I first wrote about my weight, it was torturous. Now it is normal. What a sweet transition. And that is much accredited to you, my faithful friends. I will never forget that day- when so many of you commented and emailed and squeezed life and hope into my heart. And you have stayed with me through these 19 pounds and however many more are to come.

Your prayers were my strength. Your words were sometimes my only reason to keep going. Your kindness and acceptance were my path to freedom.

Thank you.

My prayer today, as I thought about you and I thought about this Challenge, is that you would see God and His escape plan for you in your swamp (if you need one). And I pray that He would bless you 100 fold for your investment in me. And I also have been praying [and will you join me?] that God was and will be greatly glorified through this.

Love y’all. Like for realz.

[Thanks also for suffering through this lengthy blog post- I left you alone all Memorial Day weekend, so I figure I can go over my personal limit by a few sentences.] 🙂

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