That’s the night that the internet went out in Nashville.

Reba reference? Anybody?

I’m totally going to answer [most] of your Grammy questions. So leave some more if you got ’em. You bring the Qs, I’ll bring the As.

Sadly, I’m about 12 minutes away from losing the internet at Current House. The cable guy is meeting me tomorrow at Future House, so I have to take all the gear over there tonight.

The full move to Future House will be complete Saturday night.

And it cannot come soon enough. Because moving? In the rain? At night [It’s Thursday night… oh tricky auto-posting]? With a Toyota Camry as the moving truck? It’s less than ideal.

Be back ASAP.

[By the way, there’s a new video up on the Subway Get Fit Challenge page…. hope you laugh. Cause truly. I’m a dork.]

Oops. They haven’t posted it yet…. I guess check back later? I dunno…. maybe Monday. Whah whah.

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